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  1. Almost everything they've shown of the game has been underwhelming, and this trailer is no exception. How's that awesome exploration that's been touted so much? We already know that your ships are just glorified loading screens, we know you'll shoot stuff, and we know you'll get loot to help you shoot more stuff. How are the quests? How large are the environments? How many environments can you visit? How differently do the enemies behave from each other? They promised a game of such a huge scale, yet all they have to show is shooting aliens. Which is fine, but I've done that a million times already. I find it funny how a team of four people on presumably a much lower budget conveyed what their game was about in one trailer, AND conveyed more ambition in that trailer, than any marketing or PR speak for Destiny has.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcomes
  3. So, hello Beyond My name is ZippingF812 (it's a long story), and fun fact, I was actually on THC, which was promptly shut down, then, after a long period of laziness, I decided to make an account here. Things you should know about me: - I'm easy to get along with - I am good at debating on things (or at least I think myself to be) - I usually suck at many games (but I still love them) - I have a "subdued" personality, in a sense Other fun facts: - I use sarcasm like a drug - I try to articulate my opinions So, that pretty much covers all the bases. Hope you guys like me
  4. Yeah, SpOps was a good idea that was diluted in it's repetition. There were the occasional highlights (Shootout on Valhalla, anyone?), but it got to the point where I basically stopped playing and just watched the cutscenes. Not that the writing in them were very good, but they were enjoyable enough (just want them to bring back firefight, dang it). I think the real issue stemmed from the basic idea of SpOps honestly. Five missions every week for ten weeks, all with a story to go along with it as well? It just seems like you would be spreading yourself thin when it comes to mission design/structure. I'm not saying it can't work, but you would have to throw the same amount of recourses at it as you would a single player story mode (perhaps more!), and you would also have to plan it waaaaaay in advance, perhaps even needing a longer dev cycle for it. So in short, it can work, it just needs to be handed properly.

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