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  1. At the end of the day Team liquid messed up. They just need to practice More.
  2. Lethul is solid across the board. Should win every award
  3. If there is one thing 343 can do right its the campaign
  4. Why would we need double jump or wall climbing...unless... the maps are going to be HUGE. RIP close arena shooters.
  5. This has to be fake. NO WAY 343 would disrespect the halo community with another bad game like that.
  6. Rezow

    yo! :)

    yes i am lol hi!
  7. Rezow

    yo! :)

    hey guys ! my name is poly but i go by Rezow. I have been playing halo since CE but i missed out on H2 online so technically i started playing halo Online with H3. I am more of a casual gamer even though i do enjoy playing competitive settings. well hope to play with many of you in the future now that we got MCC to look forward to! i dont have a GT right now but i will add to my profile as soon as i get a new tag. have a nice day
  8. ill play some FFA XBC : Rezow Twitter : @Rezoww
  9. you think it would be possible to remove flag indicators? would love to see sneak flag capping come back.
  10. Heinz will fit in perfectly if he ends up on requiem.

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