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  1. I think 343 have said something to this effect in the past but I'm not going to cite this so take it with a grain of salt: There is not going to be an Infinite beta like there was for 5. They will continue to use the framework they have set up for the MCC flight program, for multiple, small incremental betas. Obviously these will still be beta builds, but I would be surprised if there was a psudo-open beta like the H5 beta in the near future. Maybe we'll see something around E3 2020 but until then any gameplay will be very selective and possibly covered by NDAs (though we know there are some people who have already played a bit under strict NDAs).
  2. Hate to break it to you but the thousands of people who watch online are just as critical to Halo esport's success as the few hundred who have attended each tournament. You could try to argue in circles about who is the one propping the scene up but the reality is that they are codependent and that tournaments need both players and viewers. Also related, just because you've been to tournaments doesn't make your opinions more valid. There are some who have gone to tournaments and competed that are all for sprint Halo and spartan abilities. I don't know what side of those arguments you stand on but players holding either have attended tournaments all the same.
  3. So I wasn't around for H3's prime, but I will say some of my favorite streams I've ever watched were Snip3down's 8s streams after H2A had ended. I'm certainly looking forward to learning more of H3 between now and Infinite. If you guys see me in matchmaking to don't get too mad I am trying my best.
  4. "Invest" is a strong word. There hasn't really been a return on the money orgs put into Halo for a while and that's even truer now that Atlanta is the last big money event for the foreseeable future. That in mind I'm sure EU players are making less, especially long term, than NA players. As cynical and unfortunate as it may be, that's probably a requirement for orgs to even support these EU teams.
  5. I think the biggest issue is gonna be his age. He can't even compete until the BO4 season is almost over.
  6. I think 343's path going forward as a studio is really going to depend on how they manage their resources going forward. A big problem with H5 is it was released right before dev's started figuring out how to do "games as a service" correctly and as a result they had their content map laid out with no wiggle room. To be fair they were pretty overworked for the 2 years prior to H5's release and for a while after resulting in features missing at H5's launch. I also think 343 was pretty poorly managed throughout the early life of H5. Be it pride or ignorance they failed to push meaningful balance updates, a critical part of the "games as a service" structure, and chose to re-purpose that team towards new Warzone weapons (sidenote: Warzone was clearly 343's vision for H5's continuing endgame, picking to devote more resources to that over arena). I also believe that a big reason Halo Infinite will be a 2020 game and not a 2019 game is that the amount of employee turnover at 343. From the game lead leaving and being replaced to a wide variety of title changes to the many new hires it seems that 343 is trying to expand, but that certainly slows things a bit at least initially. On the upside, I think a lot of the issues I've highlighted are issues 343 has actively tried to fix. Infinite by title alone seems to be a more open ended game. If that includes a story expansion and some actual endgame content even better. But more important than that are constant expansion and balance updates to the multiplayer. That model has seen success for a while though, beating the success seen by more classically reliable money makers like COD. The new hires will eventually be able to maintain and create expansion content on top whatever comes next. I expect the slipspace engine is developed with constant updates in mind, as opposed to H5 where you'd see 10GB updates for weapon balance changes. Slipspace is also obviously developed with multiplatform development in mind which is a win in and of itself. In the end I think if 343 works out their internal issues Halo Infinite has more opportunities for success regardless of how classic its gameplay is, or what its competitive scene looks like.
  7. While I appreciate 343's continued interest in Halo esports despite the fact that they will have to invest in a complete competitive reboot for Halo Infinite no matter what happens, their ideas for how to proceed are definitely ill conceived. I just don't get how you can justify gauging the viability of a MCC future for the HCS using a side tournament that wont be fully streamed, at an event where the best players in Halo cannot easily participate, with 2v2 gametypes. Just doesn't seem reasonable. Personally I think 343 should consider a format that pits 4v4 teams against each other in a tournament containing the best gametypes with the best settings possible from each of the mainline Halo games, not because it would be the most competitive way to run future tournaments, but because it could be the most entertaining. Kind of a victory lap and a chance at self reflection before Infinite betas get underway. It shouldn't be taken too seriously obviously, but it may be more worthwhile that trying to bank on the nostalgia of one game. Let's be honest, which is the better headline: "343 resorts to an 11 year old game for future tournaments" or "343 launches multi-title tournament series to find the best All Around Halo Players"?
  8. Gosh I've never heard of a game dev focusing on their new mode at the expense of classic modes before.
  9. Just want to touch on this specifically because it's in my field of expertise. The vast majority of the latency between you and any given server is not in the wires themselves but in the actual data processing that occurs at either end, and often many times in between. The theoretical minimum for this time would be the time length of the data packet itself. The reason I point this out is that in the next major WiFi release that will come out within the next 18 months will drastically increase the maximum length of these data packets. While this is exclusively at one end of the system this change is occurring, it will be a big enough increase in latency that it may hamper the cloud gaming experience. It tries to make up for this loss in other ways but may still be noticeable in some systems.
  10. There will be a huge influx of new players at every level when Infinite releases for 2 reasons: 1) If Infinite is done right it will draw players back to Halo or to Halo for the first time. 2) Even if Infinite is not all we're hoping it will be, many top pros are aging and getting bored of Halo. Even if a game is released and it is good, until Infinite establishes itself as a long lasting, stable, and popular esport, there is no reason for players who leave for better scenes to come back full time, leaving the spaces opening up in the next few months that are being filled by lower tier players as higher tier players leave, up to grabs for new high tier players that will rise up in the mean time. A huge time gap between mainline games, like we're seeing now, will inevitably lead to a huge turnover.
  11. If I'm reading this correctly, did BTB get a BR update? I can't find the origin of this discussion.
  12. This is factually incorrect. Frame rates and resolution of games on the X is driven towards appeal to the average console gamer, not gamers who are used to PC. One of the biggest bottle necks on the X is the lack of any SSD storage and shared memory constraints, which leads to most stutter on the hardware side of things. Most other stutter is lack of optimization due to developers not optimizing on multiple platforms.
  13. 1) They do not practice as a team. When they do play together at tournaments there is a significant number of matches where their performance is just kind of meh. 2) Their play style is inconsistent between their members at any given time and often dependent purely on constant individual rushes. 3) Their big plays are almost always the result of individual positioning and winning a set of subsequent battles, rather than pushing the obj as a team. I have never in their existence say hey Splyce pushed that flag really well. They push one by one over and over until they have enough player on respawn to begin pull or cap something. 4) They simply do not know how to play from behind. They almost always get an initial lead and hold it, rather than have to play from behind the entire match. On the flip side when there is a match that they are constantly behind but the pull out the win it's often chaotic and neither team maintains a good setup. The third option is they get behind and the opposing team has a strong setup, then Splyce lose. 5) Their coms are terrible Again they are focused on their individual fights and only really make call outs when their opponent gets away weak. They don't call out pushes or to regroup. They play as a team in only the most basic meaning of the word. I personally have not seen evidence that would put them anywhere close to other top teams in terms of team work. Maybe you have something to offer that I haven't yet heard. The fact that casters and analysts, many of whom are obviously former professional players often default to "they're just individually skilled" speaks to this more than anything.
  14. For what its worth the story lines the analysts tried to build in were certainly interesting. Any other issue I had with the down time for analysis was rooted in issues with H5. The two issues that bother me with events and will going forward are a) There simply isn't anything worth talking about between matches. Most of the players are the same pros we've had for over a year and H5 as a whole has been dissected thousands of times. Even when an amazing play is made, it's still been seen before. Talking about it is just repetitive, no matter how hard you try. b) The top team going into this even is boring to analyze. Splyce don't play like a team so the question of "how'd they pull that off" or "how does the other team beat them" is the analysis equivalent of get gud scrub.
  15. Crushed maybe but they certainly weren't thinking "we did all we could".
  16. The Halo Infinite thread scares me. So many wild ideas. So little classic Halo
  17. Say what you will about Fortnite but I am always surprised that building is the game mechanic that gets as much hate as it does. It isn't really "advanced movement" as we've seen in other titles but if you do try to compare it with other games, building is more skillful than any advanced movement mechanic I've ever seen.
  18. It is planned but it is not in the scope of the first public update to MCC. In my opinion it makes more sense to push off the release of the update until they have everything they want to add completed and wait till closer to Christmas to launch a public rerelease campaign. Maybe then they could attach it to some Halo Infinite news as well.
  19. There were a couple rumors floating around right after E3. I said allegedly there is no source other than what I've heard. Not using the engine outright would have a lot to do with the exact needs of Infinite and licensing wouldn't be an issue if 343 basically started with Unreal APIs and rewrote them all themselves. No engine is truly built "from the ground up" nowadays. They are far too complicated and expansive for a studio like 343, which has about 400 employees, only a fraction of which are software engineers.
  20. Saying Fortnite is the H3 of this era is fair, but it also is severely underrating the impact of Fortnite. If you're trying to compare across the decade that separates them, you need to look beyond numbers alone. In truth, H3 didn't have anywhere close to the same cultural permittivity as Fortnite even for it's time. Not because there were fewer people playing it but because the pool of people who CAN play it are so much different. As big as the 360 was at the time, it's still just one platform, and it still cost 60 bucks plus however much XBL was back then to play it. Fortnite is on every single console and platform available, for free. It is a top 10 trending topic on twitter pretty much daily and it gets weekly exposure on almost every major news site. Beyond the public perception, Fortnite is changing the game dev world more than any game in recent history. Besides just pushing the Battle Royale genre, it has changed the way a lot of games are choosing to push content. Over the next few years I would expect to see an exponential number of games switch to a low barrier of entry and a games-as-a-service model. Say what you will about H3 but it held to the model of the time, of high upfront costs with periodic paid updates over time, and that model didn't really change on console for 5 years after. On the more technical side of things, Fortnite's development at Epic has benefitted game development as a whole. Their experience pushing the same code to multiple platforms has resulted in tools that they are pushing out to Unreal Engine to make multi platform development easier for many devs. This potentially includes Halo, as the slipspace engine is allegedly built on Unreal Engine.
  21. I don't know what I've been reading but it definitely doesn't make sense. A projectile sniper? For an arena shooter. That just doesn't make any sense, all it would do in the arena context is make hit reg worse. It certainly wouldn't balance the sniper for PC use. And removing the reticle for hip fire (saw someone say this would only be on PC, which is arguably even worse) would completely redefine what a power weapon in Halo is. Halo has always worked best when the bullets go where you're aiming when you pull the trigger. That may sound a little broad to some people, but everyone here who has ever argued against bloom, autos, bad bullet magnetism, and bad projectile registration has agreed with that statement in a roundabout way. And as shocking as it may sound, classic Halo works ridiculously well on mouse and keyboard. Halo PC and CE, Halo 2 Project Cartographer, and El Dewrito are all out there right now for people to try if they feel uncomfortable about that (H5 Forge exists too, but there are mouse and keyboard issues with that game that are unrelated to gameplay design). Those all play very well and feel like classic Halo with no changes to weapon balancing. Don't go advocating for classic Halo only to say that things need to be changed to adjust for PC play. If MCC does make it to PC, Infinite would be the 6th major Halo release on PC. It's never required any adjustments before, it certainly wouldn't if it goes back to a classic formula.
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