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  1. Lethul is dropping intel on stream. Apparently tripppey isnt going to ALG hes on another team.
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/HelplessDugongPeoplesChamp Cool production we have here. I dont know how it got this bad after last event having great production .
  3. The teamwork that TL has to just stay alive and annoy the enemy until they challenge with a teammate while oneshot is insane. The !royal2 complain counter was high during that scrim.
  4. Ive used the needler to kill someone how picks up camo at the start. I just pre-shoot.
  5. I think most of the blame goes to Microsoft because I'm sure its their servers. 343 still gets some blame because their game relies so much on good servers. Like is their another gaming where aim feels bad on crappy servers? Why is that?
  6. Well i know they aren't like enemies or something, but I thought they were big friends.
  7. wonder what spartan was thinking because only a few days ago he was the Naded of a scrim. well ... naded is the spartan of that scrim would be a better saying I didn't know dan and naded hated each other at all.
  8. Naded just said on str8s stream: Naded: after hearing more from multiple sources including ESL it sounds like it was a business decision on @Cratosayala part to keep a seed rather than to give it up for free, I thought both teams were going to get a seed but from what I heard Connor from ALG did not want to submit a roster and then change it after st louis in order for them to have the ALG seed, so just because Connor didnt want to do that I think Cratos decided to make a business decision to keep the seed within the rules Looks like he isnt retiring
  9. Why is cratos better at promoting Halo events than 343 or ESL? Like honestly 343 needs to hire him.
  10. I would like to apologize for all of this seed stuff. This would not have happened if I didn't make Cratos lose his job.
  11. :holmes: :holmes: :holmes: :holmes: How many teams make it out of the AM bracket, so they can play in the pro bracket at STL or is it in another format? Either Bubu's team or ALG gets screwed in a situation where only one is able to advance.

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