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  1. Half an hour into Halo 4 something died inside.
  2. I have just got home from work, i have no idea who beat who ! where's Epsilon, whats happened ? link anybody ?
  3. It is ok now, unplayable at first, but no great difference between 360 and xone versions now. For me at least in Europe.
  4. Or perhaps we are flogging a dead horse, and that the underlying fundamental issue is the game is crap, right ?
  5. You forgot to say " sorry this is in crayon, but they won't let us have anything sharp in here ".
  6. Watching the H5 matches live today has made up my mind, it's not for me. not many people talk about "clamber" but for me it changes the game too much, and "thruster" and whatever else is used to kill strafing is not fun for me at least. my fun and learning curve has been learning jumps, satisfying BR battles & always knowing i can learn something by playing better players. ( i once played "elamite warrior" once, was amazed at his skill ). i have no axe to grind, Halo will always be my favourite FPS. Hope i hear some good reports that change my mind, but after playing the beta and watching today's gameplay i feel i'm losing an old friend.
  7. is there an option for bots in customs ? please and thank you.
  8. you two, stop upsetting yourself's. it's not worth the heartache, think of your family's.
  9. dear andy, if whales and dolphins are so intelligent why do they keep swimming so close to japan ?
  10. the real problem is now we have the generation that thinks " i'm losing so it's not fair" . one month of nonsense aside, this is why halo cannot go back what it was or anything even remotely close. and to the baby's who consistently find a reason to quit, you are the problem.
  11. who are you to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't buy ?
  12. could someone just confirm that LT zoom is not the only option please. thanks.
  13. nice to see the little twat ridiculed by people that actually know what halo is. day after day he post's shit like that ,and on waypoint they actually discuss halo with him. needless to say i'm banned. thank fuck.

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