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  1. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/tryptophan-service Beyond shoutout in Grims latest update.
  2. In house testing got us to this playlist. Pros already are testing it, I think allowing the entire community to try it too is a pretty good idea. Community testing dates? Isn't that basically what this is? Adding BR start Oddball to HCS would be like adding in half shields breakout, I'm glad they learned their lesson. What other mechanics? No sprint? No radar? They're focusing on something that has an actual chance of happening, like it or not. Adding in more variables just makes the results harder to read. I still don't see the problem in this playlist. We're between pro league seasons here, there's no better time.
  3. Not to pick on you specifically, but I really need to call this out this general sentiment. What else should 343 do here, you're asking for more gametypes in HCS, this is exactly what the preview playlist is supposed to address, adding in Oddball. It's already been said by 343 new forge maps without the lag problems aren't possible in H5, so they're adding in something meaningful and concrete, in addition to testing out the new settings from the tuning update. I don't understand why everyone is shitting all over 343 for this, should they make oddball preview its own playlist? So then we have fiesta, sniper, swat, and slayer players giving input on a gametype that's supposed to be added in to the competitive mode? The population can't take another playlist, if it was made it's own playlist even fewer people would play it, and the feedback quality would be worse. This is the best choice out of a bunch of bad options, luckily it only lasts for a few weeks. The added benefit is they are able to add in BR starts as a new mode after the tuning update, not permanently but on a trial basis so we can actually get some experience playing with the new loadouts. They aren't saying this new mode is perfect, its preview and bound to have changes added in afterwards. Not every solution is going to be perfect. I'm all for giving 343 grief when it's deserved, but I wish more people here could recognize why moves like this are made and not immediately trash them just for updating the game and maybe trying to make it better.
  4. It's been 10 days since Daytona, I wouldn't say it's been a terribly long time. Yeah it sucks, but at least they've communicated with us that it's on the way. I'd take that over being left completely in the dark.
  5. Halo 3 Anniversery would be popular for maybe 6 months, it would be in no way a system seller, just a passing fad.
  6. New gamemode - better than Extermination confirmed: https://streamerclips.com/twitch/lxthul/ColdVibrantLarkAllenHuhu
  7. I look at the FPL as a developmental league. Let them play each other, get better, who knows maybe the team that wins it will decide to come over and try and compete for a pro league spot. Or have one of their players poached. I'm not too upset about it existing really, especially since it helps grow the competitive scene overall.
  8. It happened with every single halo except from Halo 4 to 5.
  9. Then you're obviously missing the point. Turns out the faceless orgs so easy to bash have people and faces associated with them. It constantly amazes me how cavalier you are, about showing off repeatedly how terrible a person you are.
  10. I think a change to radar would arguably help Pistola out more than anyone. Post radar change will be a different game, any team changes for the top 3 are way too premature.
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