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  1. Already did enough of that throughout Halo 4 and 5. Overwatch has brought me over to the dark side now, and is all I need to satisfy my FPS cravings.
  2. Haven't been on here in about a year now. tldr does 343 still seem to have their heads crammed way up their asses? I'm willing to return to the franchise and buy an xbox if we get a legit Halo, but last I heard Halo 6 was slated to be an incremental upgrade over 5.
  3. Yes, other game studios release buggy content. And they all get flak for it, but for the most part they're not full of game-breaking bugs like MCC was. I don't care that the MCC project was super ambitious, that's not an excuse for having launched it in the state it was in. And it doesn't matter who actually put it together, 343 slapped their name on it so it was their responsibility. You can't excuse MCC as just "shit happens" and pretend the bugs were minor. The game, today, is still riddled with bugs that 343 for the most part hasn't even acknowledged. And even if they fixed them all tomorrow, the damage has been done. In terms of Halo 4, yes it had content at launch but in the usual one step forward two steps back 343 kind of way. We didn't actually get any good content from Halo 4 compared to what we got from previous Halo titles. And there were also downgrades (looking at you Infection). And Halo 5? You could argue it's still missing features. It took months to implement what previous titles had at launch, and we still don't have it all. 343 sacrificed a lot of resources to bring us their new content (Breakout, Warzone, Spartan Abilities, etc.) at launch in exchange for missing out on game modes, a file browser, social features, and don't forget split screen. You tell me if it was worth it. I'll say it again. 343 had expectations to live up to, and they failed. You can criticize Bungie all you want, but their Halo games never lacked content at launch, and for the most part worked as intended. If Halo 5 had released in the state it is in today we wouldn't even be having this conversation. And before you tell me about their sustain model and how we've been getting all the contents in FREE DLC, look at other games like Blops 3 with all the features they had at launch and all that's been added since. There is no excuse.
  4. That's an exaggeration. It did happen, but not nearly as often as people on here say it did.
  5. This thread He's not gonna stop farming and you guys aren't gonna win the argument. 343i made spawn trapping easily possible, we can't really expect people to not abuse it. This is a problem 343i should fix.
  6. What's the minimum number of characters for a name change?
  7. True, but not only that. The Xbox One feels rushed all around. The original UI was terrible, the console is huge (even bigger than OG 360!), and it's outspec'd by the PS4 (which manages to be smaller with a builtin PSU). It's ridiculous. Just a disastrous launch overall. I agree the media functionality sounded neat, but who really uses the Xbox One as a DVR? We're missing streaming capabilities, etc. Not even jack of all trades.
  8. The 360 had run its course, it was time for a new console generation. Sony did well with the PS4, it's a nice upgrade for the cost and they've really come a long way with their online services. Microsoft seriously messed up with the media center approach, and it's showing. Had they actually focused on the gaming aspect we might have been able to keep split-screen and local gameplay, but that's a big what-if.
  9. So I just started the game on PS4, anyone interested in playing sometime?
  10. Guys, chill. Yeah, the article could've been worded a bit better ("It felt like work" well yeah no shit), but the gametype had to be adjusted to account for H5s new movement mechanics. You can customize it to classic ball if you wish. See how it plays before delivering the full bashing, c'mon.
  11. This is exaggerated. If every other bullet would miss due to faulty netcode then you'd have a point, but this isn't the case. And if you're referring to the random spread then at the distance the BR was meant to be used this wasn't much of a factor amongst skilled players.
  12. What we're trying to argue here is that you're attributing most of the population decline to more competition. While we most certainly did lose some of the population to new franchises, most of them probably switched over because Halo no longer felt like itself. Edit: Removed double negative
  13. The argument that Halo isn't in the top 10 anymore because there's more multiplayer games available now is like saying that it was only in the top 10 before because there was nothing better to play. Bullshit, Halo has lost its roots and its not just us saying it. Like others here I've had several friends who dropped the franchise at Reach and 4 (Specially the latter) because it no longer felt like Halo.
  14. This is why I love this place, no fucks/10
  15. That's better than "I'm going to play a better Halo game while I bury my head in the sand and hope they fix the one I have no desire to play". We keep saying we're beating a dead horse, but that's better than ignoring it.
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