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  1. Night in the Woods is really good. Definitely recommend it!
  2. Still having a blast with Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Really sucks that they decided to weigh it down with some of the worst post game support possible. The base game is amazing. Also picked up Attack on Titan. They actually nailed the gameplay. Just doesn't have a ton of variety to it. Gets a bit repetitive in long play sessions
  3. Re-playing Deus Ex Human Revolution. Can't wait for Mankind Divided next week
  4. I'm still in shock. Prince is amazing https://twitter.com/NotEro_C9/status/763981839631470592/video/1
  5. Shows up for me. Sometime tweets don't load well. The full set was uploaded a minute ago
  6. So Anti 6-1'd LowTierGod in friendlies in SFV and it looks like LTG finally snapped The perfect: LTG snapping:
  7. The soundtrack alone makes me almost want to buy this game. It's amazing
  8. It's amazing for anyone who grew up with it, but I couldn't see myself enjoying it nearly as much if I didn't
  9. Anyone watching 91 Days? Have been enjoying it so far. Definitely in-line with Shuka Studios other works like Durarara and Baccano
  10. Sheik, Marth and Falcon are all solid starting choices to learn fundamentals. Sheik is all around solid. Easiest top tier to play and not overly technical. The main con to learning Sheik is that you won't learn how to dash dance effectively. Marth is a bit more technical, but teaches you how to space properly. Falcon is mostly a fundamental based character; however he is more technical and requires you to work harder than your opponent to land hits (against top tiers). Honestly, I'd recommend trying out viable characters and pick the one that feels the most comfortable. Even if it's Fox I could see it. Apparently he has played a bit of 64 recently so he might be somewhat practiced. If he gets a solid bracket, I think he can make top 32. His Kirby has to be annoying to play
  11. NYC is a goldmine. There's like a Pokestop every 100 ft
  12. I chased a Nidoqueen around for like an hour. Started raining
  13. Team Instinct = best team
  14. Been going on 1-2 mile walks every day now and have been running into other players. Never thought that would actually happen when they announced it
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