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  1. Uh, you definitely didn't win every game in those screenshots. You got 5 first places and 5 seconds places, which averages out to a 7.5.
  2. I haven't played a game in the global championship, check my gamer tag. I'm not anywhere close to good enough to win anything. I'm just using logic. Cheating = breaking the rules, exploiting = working within the existing rules. Unless someone proves me wrong, which I'm more than welcoming, dashboarding is not against the GC rules, or the Xbox Live rules. It definitely is somewhat immoral, and it'd be pretty awesome if we all governed ourselves with some sort of universal morality, but sadly, that's not how the world works. If you work around laws, you won't go to jail. Look at the banking industry and big business. They're terrible, but you're not allowed to make exceptions and convict people unless they've strictly broken the rules/law. I'm not really defending these people, because either way, I have no horse in this race. What I'm saying is, unless there is something in the rules, 343 has little to no justification if they were to DQ these people. Of course they could always pull the, "this is our competition, we do what we want" card and ban everyone. That'd be interesting though, seeing as how so many pros have already done it/tweeted about doing it. It would probably be bad publicity. I guess only time will tell.
  3. Shit, I didn't realize Xbox Live rules say you can't dashboard. It's like they put it there just to tempt us.
  4. Are we sure this APG thing isn't the whole team trolling? Because this whole Naded being MIA thing...he's been pretty active grinding for the Global Championship.
  5. Really? Dashboarding is a glitch? Not a basic function that has been part of the Xbox since day one? Didn't realize I was glitching when I wanted to go from Netflix to Twitch. It's not a glitch, it's just exploiting the system. A loophole, if you will. I can't find in the rules where it says you're not allowed to dashboard out of games, can you? The problem is not on our end, it's on theirs. If 343 decides that dashboarding shouldn't be allowed, then they should change the game and make dashboarding count as a quit.
  6. Everybody keeps calling these people cheaters, so I just want to make sure, is there anything in the rules that makes what they're doing illegal? Because I just skimmed them and I don't see anything there, but feel free to prove me wrong. If this exploit is there, and people are using it, then the pros would just be unnecessarily handicapping themselves by not doing it. I mean, they're not hurting anybody in the game by leaving in the pre-lobby. Hell, they're doing everyone there a favor. And now that everyone knows about dashboarding, everyone is on an even playing field again. I say, no harm no foul, especially since it seems like multiple accounts are fair game. This will just lead to more outrageous streaks.
  7. Jesus. I mean, if you just compare it with OP, you have like roughly 1/60th of his speed.
  8. Uh, you're probably kidding, but just in case, yeah that's bad.
  9. LOL and DOTA have shown that a free-to-play model can be profitable, hell, it can make it so you have the most popular game in the world. It's one of the reasons MOBAs are gaining so much traction over console FPSs. They would make money the same way all the other FTP games make money. Free game on a console would just be digital download, no discs. Pretty simple and easy solutions. The questions you're asking have to do with the most basic of logistics. There are much more serious problems that come with a FTP model than what to do about midnight releases lmao. This. Whether or not the strategy would work depends largely on the popularity/quality of the game.
  10. They were obviously not making an effort to avoid each other. They were sitting next to each other, they could have easily waited for one person to get a game before they started searching again. And for the other guy, even if he's out of the running on one account, cutting Ninja's streak helps him out if he wants to try on another account. Why should he go out of his way to avoid him? Once again, it's a competition. Do you not understand that? He had every right to play and enjoy the game that he bought, in any playlist he wanted to. There is real money on the line. It is not a help-out-out-friends fest. NBA/other professional players don't lose games on purpose to help out their friends on other teams (though they do lose to help themselves), regardless of if they're out of the playoffs or not. It's an immature concept to expect things to work that way. This is not kindergarten. How about you read closely, I haven't said anything wrong.
  11. The other pros have already been doing this. Formal knocked Ninja out of last week while he was sitting next to him, and they're friends. All the pros have multiple accounts and have been trying to knock people out for fun. It's all in the game. It's a competition, and nobody is trying to give anyone else an advantage. After they get knocked out of a week, it makes sense to try to knock other people out, friends or no friends, it's for 200K, fuck friends.
  12. Lol. Ok, his job is to play Halo. How did the other kid fuck with his job? The other kid played Halo, and Ninja played Halo. He was well within the confines of the global championship rules. There wasn't any cheating or shady things involved. The other kid just beat him. That's the point of Halo, to win. Looks like Ninja just lost. Formal beat Ninja in last week's global championship when Ninja had no quits left, knocking him out of the week, yet, it seems like they're still friends. And they were searching games right next to each other. Lots of pros who were friends tried to knock each other out. It's all in the game. NEWSFLASH: this is a competition. Everyone is entitled to compete. Ninja just got pissed because he got beat by a no-name while the whole stream was watching and his pride was on the line. It was irrational and emotionally driven, plain and simple.
  13. I think he meant connection as in a business connection/friends to help them out in setting up a city, not an internet connection.
  14. There are two ways to fix this problem: 1. Magically increase the population of the playlist. 2. Make it so you have to match within 10 of your rank and then read a book or take a nap as you wait 3 hours to find a game and then have people back out and quit out because everyone voted for Station 9/Dispatch again. But to answer OP's question, yes it may be slightly easier for you if you search in 1s or 2s, because then you'll match parties of 4s less often.
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