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  1. I had something similiar occur and it was caused by insufficient ram. Even if it looks like you have ram left, windows tries to make up for this by increasing its paging file to obscene amounts. I think my paging file was 16gb when I only had 8 GB Ram, and whenver I ran out of ram my SSD was constantly at 100% and I kept getting freezes. If i made the paging file smaller, every time i had too many programs open for my ram the last pogram just crashed instead of freezing. Maybe this will help you
  2. IIRC 2 of those guys used to host (might still be doing something similiar idk) a show covering games for the german MTV channel so they already have a following. Don't know anything about the channel itself tho.
  3. Superset ab work in between? At least thats what worked for me. I was doing back raises and getting ridiculous back pumps and when i threw in some ab raises it went away 100%
  4. Maybe a bit late to the discussion, but I have no idea why people overrate the hell out of Formal. I'm only going to focus on the Halo part here. Sure, he was a good halo player, but Halo's lifespan has seen so many people better than him, I have no idea why he's in discussion for "best console FPS player of all time". Going off e-sportspedia, He had very meh placings in Halo 3 , placing 30th and outside of the top 32 twice. In Reach he got 5,6,5, and 3. place, then his first win in Orlando and then 3. at the last MLG event. After that 2 more 3. places at AGLs. Sure, he then won 5 events in Halo 4, but lets be honest here, does Halo 4 really count? The "competitive" scene in Halo 4 was a joke. He then won the MCC launch invitational, i.e a tournament that was going to be a fluke by design. So in summary, he has ONE win in what I would call a "valuable" tournament. There are so many players much more impressive than that unless you somehow happen to be a massive Halo 4 fan.
  5. Decent gameplay #1, my thoughts: 00:00 Off of the start none of your teammates push camo with you. You see at least two enemy players going for it. At this point you only have two choices, which is either go straight for the camo burn or just immediately run for it while putting in as much cover in between as possible. You decide to just wait outside of camo which is honestly never going to work because they know exactly where you are and can just grab camo and get a free kill on you which is exactly what happens. 00:32 You threw a good nade at camo, and you still have one left, so I’m unsure why you just left him to regenerate his shields. 1:41 You make a good play by rushing their base immediately off spawn to have options on their flag. However if you hadn’t shot the guy not looking at you pushing their base you could have had an easier time getting out of the base, because you give up your position and then proceed to get double teamed. 2:17 Nice kill on the sword player. Had you done the jump to top mid with the sword out you would have made it though. 2:55 If you had naded the guy on p2 street before shooting him you could have easily secured the kill. Challenging him afterwards with a pistol that wasn’t completely reloaded was unfortunate, but you can almost always expect someone on p2 to have some kind of CQB weapon, so I would have at the very least pushed with my AR out. 3:14 Off spawn you push straight towards your teammates x and look top mid. It looks like you got a callout there was a one shot there, but again you waste your thrust going into the fight and die by the guy p2, if you had saved it you might have gotten away. 4:13 The moment the flag guy started hugging the wall you should have pulled your AR out, this way you could have left the fight with more shields. 4:30 You see a guy shooting from car 2, but stay out in the open between car and red, making yourself a very easy kill while looking at the flag that’s out. After you back down that’s exactly why the guy kills you from car 2. 4:54 This death wouldn’t have been a choke if you would have just pulled your AR out the moment he started hiding behind the shield. 5:40 This could have probably been an easy backsmack because he was still shooting your teammates with his back to you while you started pistoling him, and you should also have pulled out your AR. 6:00 Really not all that sure what you are doing with the flag here. You had a guy on p-street so you could have just pulled it there and almost been done with the cap by the time you had the flag top middle. 6:30 If you are full shield with the flag and you see someone shooting that you could can assist, help them. Until 7:00 you just sit in your attic when you weren’t under any threat, and then you jump out to stare at the flag when there aren’t any targets to be shot and get caught off-guard by the sword. Had the sword not choked, he could have probably gotten the recovery. 7:25 You jump out at the guy on p-street by using your thrust before the battle again, and also don’t have an automatic, and then get cleaned up. Had you been the guy who killed you with the storm rifle, you could have probably walked away with 2 kills here. 8:15 Good awareness to stop challenging the guy on car door when you see the second guy start shooting you. 9:20 especially because you had help, you could have survived this if you had broken the sightline as quickly as possible instead of challenging by either going p3 or just dropping to p1. You really want to avoid these kinds of battles as much as possible because of how easy it is to just get death naded. 10:02 Again, this kill would have been so much simpler with just simply using an AR or even picking up the SMG under base. 10:17 You knew the guy on p2 was going to shoot you because he engaged the first battle, so you should have either kept waiting in the attic for him to challenge or gone somewhere else instead of giving him free damage. 10:30 Good job getting away, but you could have hugged the wall a bit closer to get around the corner quicker if you had timed the thrust slightly better. 10:33 You see all your teammates dead. At this point you should have immediately looked for cover. Had you slide thrusted into car 1 you may have lived here, or you could have run into your base challenging the guy there, cutting off the sightlines from top mid. Again, you thrust before the battle. 11:00 and onwards: This was honestly really weird. You had help and camo, so you really shouldn’t have been running the flag, but it somehow works out until you die car 1. 11:30 You picked up a storm rifle but didn’t use it. Overall, I think the biggest things you can improve are using your automatics a lot more, not shooting everyone immediately as you see them, and always grabbing a rifle/automatic combo every time you leave the base. You should also try to avoid a thrust unless you have a good reason, and slide thrust instead of jump thrusting. Hopefully some of this helped and didn’t sound too critical.
  6. These season resets are starting to get more and more ridiculous. I've been a consisent mid onyx player every season (came pretty close to champion a few times as well) yet for some reason the system thinks it needs to place me diamond 2, and now I have some of the wierdest stats of all time. My KD jumped from 1.51 to 1.72 and KDA from 2.25 to 2.45, yet I'm sitting at an amazing win rate of 31% with 41 games played. Apparently the system doesn't agree with where it ranked me either, because I've even had a couple of matches against to4s including champions. The only point of the whole rank reset is to give out new champion ranks anyway, so why give the ranking system a chance to misplace me into matches I can drop 40 kills on and barely win or even lose? It's such a vicious cycle. Play amazing -> still lose or only win barely -> only play above average and get stomped -> tilt after a couple of games because it seems like you have zero impact on the game -> start sucking and lose even more games -> rinse and repeat. Obviously these rageposts are kind of pointless, but I feel this might be the least fun halo ranking system I've ever played.
  7. If 24 Nornfangs at the start of the game doesn't sound like a bad idea to you, I can't imagine anything that would.
  8. This is the worst argument of all time. (I'm exaggerating, but only a little bit) If something looks like a turd and smells like a turd, are you really going to tell me you need to spend hundreds of hours eating it to tell me its a turd?
  9. 343 is smart. They put in things terrible for competitive play because they know people will get used to anything if it sticks around long enough. Sure, breakout got removed, but AR starts somehow are a thing now, and radar is too. This way 343 was able to degenerate the competitive value of halo without people even protesting. They just made it the “new normal”. Please stop defending radar, even if you are playing devil’s advocate. That said, the pro radar arguments I’ve seen don’t even make sense in the first place. How does a tiny radar help keep movement abilities under control? Radar never sucked worse at helping in run and gun than in Halo 5 because someone can go from half a map away to slide boosted straight onto your radar nearly in an instant. Like Lemon said, radar in Halo 5 is only good for one thing, and that is being a camping asshole, and terrible for anything else. We shouldn’t even be arguing about this radar nonsense, but instead about stuff that really matters like a utility weapon actually being a utility weapon or why I can effectively cross map people with an AR.
  10. In his defense, prior to Halo 5, you didn't exactly get to the pro level by maxing out your radar skills.
  11. I'm curious where everyone is getting that Lethul is such an amazing slayer when he has pretty average KD and KDA numbers, especially considering that he is on the team with the best slayers in the game. I don't remember exactly when but I remember a breakdown list where Ogre 2 was actually #20 in KDA while Lethul was only #35. I think Lethul just synergizes better with the rest of CLG than Ogre 2 did. People alway make it seem that he is some kind of slaying god and 2gre is totz compared to him when that's simply not true.
  12. These guys don't know what they are talking about. They did change it. Lots of people I was playing at mid to high onyx level last season now placed diamond 5. Something was definetly changed.
  13. Whoever makes the more compelling argument should be listened to. Now, I'm sure If you (speaking generally here) thought long enough you could construct an argument for things like a pistol nerf. If you think about it long enough you could probably make a moderately convincing case for almost anything. I still think it is easy enough to identify to real ones from the fake ones. The more straightforward an argument is the more likely it is to actually hold some substance. I really doubt someone can make a pistol nerf sound good for the game without having to perform impressive mental gymnastics. They could easily just set up a "beta" playlist and try lots of things out instead of trying to figure out if someone makes sense but doesn't work in practice. If they really are so afraid of say, taking radar out of team arena why don't they just try it out in that playlist? Hell, they could even try out more controversial things like a 4sk pistol and just make it clear that "this is a test playlist, so don't expect everything to be perfect". If players recieve it well, it should be adopted, and if it isn't it should be put back on the drawing board.
  14. The pistol isn't even that skillful to use in the first place. It just sucks everywhere outside of its intended range. If you use it where RRR and bullet mag work together best it really isn't all that hard to use. The good thing about the BR,and to a lesser extent the other rifles, is that they handle fairly well at any range. If aiming skill gap ( not difficulty, those are two different things) turns out to be a problem, you can simply increase strafe and movement speed to compensate. But I guess we can't do that because we don't want to alienate casual viewers
  15. Just a few posts ago I said this, which you replied to, which means you read it. --- I bought their game so they should be listening to me. Sure, not exclusively only to me specifically, but when you ignore enough of your customers you end up with the shitty population numbers Halo 5 currently has. --- You aren't as good at debate tactics as you think you are. Keep trying to paint a picture of me of how "entitiled I am" for wanting a game that plays well. You could try actually presenting arguments for a change, but until that happens this conversation is pointless.
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