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  1. Fuck its been awhile. I'll just make this short and sweet. Has anyone considered making just an online league play system for Halo CE 2v2? Closer to a bowling league than something that would actually create money.
  2. Ever since they opened up the community doubles that's all I really play. With that said going back and watching the other teams POVs has helped me learn where the enemy general spawns in location to where I am located, my team mate, and where they died. If you can work on those three things you can really narrow down where they spawn and will be able to get a jump start on where to nade.
  3. I think these numbers are false. Or its comparing Halo 5 being released for less then a month compared to other games for there entire time on the shelves. I'm 100% sure Halo 3 blew reach and Halo 4 out of the water. I was just reading an article about how Microsoft hasn't been releasing any info on total games sold for Halo 5 or even the xbox one in general.
  4. I'll agree that radar should be removed for competitive settings. However after playing Halo 5 matchmaking I don't see the point of changing much else. And until I someone can convince otherwise I don't see the point of altering the base settings dramatically.
  5. I don't like it. Keep it simple. One Ranked and one unranked. Or better yet a toggle for ranked and unranked keeping it all in one menu. As for sinpers, griffball, swat, zombies, and any other fluff let it go back to being a custom game. A custom game finder would go a long way. The only reason why we would need a hardcore list is because competitive settings and vanilla settings are to far apart. In that case we'll be in the same spot we are today. *Edit: I'd actually prefer if we had to have two separate playlist they would use Halo 2's ranked social playlist style.
  6. This is going to require a lengthy write up. Halo 2 was more competitive. The main weapon in Halo 2 & 3 was inconsistent in Halo 3. They actually modified the BR to make it easier to 4 shot someone. In Halo 3 we seen the most inconsistent team placings ever. We seen Str8 Rippon go from vying for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to not even making top 8. Same with the Final Boss roster. As for the melee it was horrendous. So many trades. That is what cqc came down to 2 shots and melee. Bungie should have never messed with the melee in the first place it should have stayed whoever melee's first within the kill should win the encounter. And then theres the not even being someone's field of view but still connecting with the melee. As for the which BR was harder to use. Most would say the Halo 3 BR took the most skill because you had to lead your shots. You did not have to lead your shots a majority of the time though. There were only certain places where shot leadings was necessary. So lets not blow that out of proportion or neglect the fact that if your out of red reticle range in Halo 2 (Back BR tower to Snipe in lockout) you had to be pin point accurate with zero aim assist and the way the BR shot in Halo 2 it was like having a single shot weapon. The thing about the BR being easier in Halo 2 is that is was easier for everyone and the movement speed was faster in Halo 2 so screwing up was more detrimental. The sword. It went from being a "POWER WEAPON" in Halo 2 to not even being used in Halo 3. Don't get me wrong I think having an infinite sword was bad buuttt to remove its lunge to the point that its taken off certain maps just shows how bad it was in Halo 3. Shotgun and Mauler. The Mauler in Halo 3 was suppose to replicate the Halo 2 shotgun in strength. The Halo 3 shotgun was too "strong" even though Halo CE shotgun hands down was the strongest shotgun. I remember in Halo Reach people were confused about there being a shotgun in competitive settings because Halo 3 had replaced its stronger shotgun with the mauler. I won't argue that the Halo 2 sniper was easier to use but just like the BR everyone had the same advantage. Everyone used the gun. The skill to use it might be less compared to its Halo 3 equivalent but that also means that its that much harder to take it back. As for the network side of things I don't think that it in itself made either game more competitive. I mean obviously it made gaming online enjoyable but as for as LAN play it really only was a probably once (That we know of) and that happened in Halo 3. Lets not forget that internet connections from 04 to 07 were different vastly different in some areas of the country. But I still don't think the networking makes a game competitive. As for as host advantage that is why its a best out of seven series and everyone switches host. As for who gets host more often its whoever was seeded higher which seems perfectly fine to me. As a side note Halo 3 was my least favorite game. While writing this up I actually realized that in each sequential Halo each weapon actually got weaker with the exception of a few.Halo 1-3 each weapons counter part was weaker. While I knew the Halo pistol was the most powerful utility weapon of the bunch I did not realize how much Bungie weakened the shotgun or put unnecessary limitations on the sniper to slow its rate of fire. Or reduced the rocket launchers splash damage. I guess the realization that I just came to was not only the utility weapon alter to be weaker in each Halo but so were all the other useful weapons..
  7. Considering I haven't been able to play at all in the past year I'm sure I could work on a little bit of everything. With that said I've always played with friends and locals so I was always teaching other players the basic. So where I can improve the most is working on my teamwork. More specifically how to coordinate and traverse a map accomplishing a goal.
  8. What if Halo 5 succeeds? I think its safe to say that some of us only play sparingly now. With that said most pros have either quit or moved on to different games themselves. The games themselves are no longer even designed with us in mind. However what if the game succeeds? What if Halo rises up once again but is not what you think Halo is? What if it is played by more people then the original games in its prime? Obviously people from a competitive background would be the natural pros. And of course the kids who had the most time would eventually come through and carve out a name for themselves. Halo would have an older wiser pro scene possibly. I guess my question is where would you be? A tournament organizer, LAN Center Owner, Pro Player, Commentator, Video Editing Specialist, Montage maker, game play reviewer, coach etc.. Where and what would you try to be doing? Edit* I am completely aware my post has nothing to do with the OP's topic but it seems like most of the responses didn't really have to with what game you are going to be playing if Halo 5 fails.
  9. I think, at least for myself, its about baby steps. I don't want to try and make a Triple A title that took hundreds of people years to make my try. I'd love to make my ideal shooter but realistically it would be better to make a smaller, less, complex high quality game. There is a ton that goes into besides coding. Visuals, music, and story have to be interwoven and pre planned. Not only that but I have other responsibilities. Making a games or games is goal but a long term goal.
  10. I'll be brief in my responses because I hate posting on a phone. First off aiming skill does not differ because of the hitscan/projectile system.What is different is how you aim, lead or reticule on target. Secondly leading your shots in Halo 3 does not require much experience the difference between say plat and snipe tower and long hall and snipe tower would not change in how much you lead your opponent. Only on huge maps would you notice a difference in needing to lead. I can't argue this because your arguments aren't based on facts but your own perceived experience. What I mean is I don't know what skill level was tsk before and tsk after the update consistently. For all I know the reason your perceived change is that everyone is aiming like the game was (hitscan ish) to now (with bullet time travel). I won't argue why Halo 3 had inconsistent placings because to be honest there are number of variables. I do have two other things to say about internet connection and comparing Halo to BF. First don't compare BF and Halo. BF is a game where at extreme distances not only do you have to lead but you also have to account for bullet drop. Its really not a good comparison because of how different the two games play. Lastly on the BF front, and anyone can test this, at extreme distances where its projectile based system is most noticeable if you sit in one spot and snipe and lead your shots perfectly then go a play the same map again sit at the same spot but different server you will notice you have to lead further or less depending on your latency. In general many American based broadband speeds are sufficient to play video games online. What people suffer from is Latency the time it takes for data to travel from one machine to another. The latency issues from Dallas to New York are gonna have a bigger effect than Dallas to Dallas or at a competitive event which means the two machines are likely one router away and a few feet. Now in a projectile based system you would have to adjust your lead going from internet gaming to a live event while with hitscan if you want to hit you put your reticule on the opponent on the internet or on LAN.
  11. If you were gonna go back to an old Halo you'd have to give up certain things like LANs. Halo just can't support multiple tournaments and huge cash payouts. We as a community can't support that. We could support online tournaments however with one huge live event a year. Also as days go by 4v4s die as our competitive community numbers dwindle. I frequent the forums far less now.
  12. Hitscan. Everyone remembers the snipe blood shot on main stage. Its inconsistent. Leading your shots and putting the reticule takes the exact same skill just in a different way. When you lead your shots you put your reticule slightly infront. Predicting their strafing movement works the same way however. If on hitscan I think they are gonna move right I move my reticule right same with projectile except I put the reticule slightly ahead. My last point is that even on a server there is LAG. Because of your particular distance away from the server. If someone where to play from New York on a Texas server the player would have to compensate and lead his/her shot further than if that player were playing on a northeast server. This would apply to everyone though and if we there were a tournament being held the person who normally leads there shots as if they were on LAN (person closest to the server) would have an advantage all tournament while everyone else was trying to readjust their shot creating an unfair advantage. You don't have that problem with hitscan. This could explain why Halo 2 and even Reach had more consistent tournament placement results.
  13. I don't think this is a networking issue as much as it is a software issue. Specifically a programming mistake.
  14. There is no point in comparing Halo Reach and Halo 4 sprint to Halo 5 sprint. They all functioned differently and they all were or will be played on different maps. Sprint doesn't neccesarily need streched out maps or huge maps either you could have less cover, less duration, sprint with the gun out, etc. Sprint also doesn't have to slow down base movement speed sprint could be implemented in a way where you move 5%, 10%, 20% of base player speed. I don't like comparing Halo Reach to Halo 4 to Halo 5 and having and using a blanket statement like it doesn't belong in Halo 5 because of x,y, or z. You really need to go more in depth. Default Reach had it to where you picked out your AA so you would have to give up your spring for something more powerful like armour lock, jet pack, or camo. MLG Reach however messed with the formula making other AA's pick ups and sprint. The melee system and Halo 2 maps in Reach made sprint worse. Tldr; Just saying sprint doesn't work because of the past two Halos and should be cut from all future titles with out going more in depth of why they didn't work and in theory why it won't work in Halo 5 is just as silly as grunt with an energy sword. Especially considering how different every Halo has played from one another. Halo CE plays different from Halo 2 and Halo 2 plays way different then Halo 3.
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