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  1. The game was developed around the pistol/AR start. switching that up could very well break the balance of the game and affect the game speed. Which would end up breaking the game in more ways than one.
  2. Its all in your head I feel. If you think too much about it you will probably choke, if you think about choking or missing you will probably do just that. Instead of thinking about hitting your shots try to think about strafing and calling it out. - Ant
  3. Im always skeptical about posting on forums for team mates. Its really easy to talk yourself up and give false information. Im gonna skip the BS and hit you up online and we can talk as well as run games. Expect a message from me online withing the next day or so. GT: SpooKeeeZy
  4. Whats up fellas. Anthony here aka SpooKy, currently looking for people to run with preferably on the east coast. Im gonna keep it simple and just say ive been competing for a while and have both LAN and tournament experience and if you want to run games hit me up online GT: SPooKeeeZy
  5. SpooKeeeZy Between Sarasota and Port Charlotte
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