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  1. Regret added! @@Teapot I have a rig video coming out one these days but feel more than welcome to post your own in here too! This is for sharing in general, I know I likely didn't get all of them! @TibiusAudley Yep. Thank you. I am personally staying away from spring jumping for 2 reasons. 1. It seems to be less consistent than in previous games and may not be worth-while showing the common audience. Ad 2. Because anyone who is able to do them consistently will probably be able to point out where to use them without help. I do use crouching the video, I love the way it was made to give you a slightly bigger reach rather than just binging up the legs. And for stabilizing, I will use them here in there if I find ones particular useful but I'll be staying away from the combos I see other people doing every so often because tey usually leave you stranded in theair to be killed. Haha, but again, Id love for anything to be put in the thread by other if the person feels they will be helpful to others.
  2. How you move around and traverse a map has always been super important in halo. This thread is for sharing and discussing tactical jumps, spots and helpful tricks you've found to possible improve the way people play and obviously to learn yourself. I will start it off with my own videos and will be updating regularly but feel more than welcome to post your own videos in this thread. Post both new ones or you putting ones others have posted to good use. Lets kick this off with Plaza. I've found some I feel are very useful and some that are just plain obvious that you may have missed. Enjoy!
  3. Some fresh things I could see working well in halo is... Double jump- This is a big change but I feel it's a big change for the better. While giving even more possibilities to strafing and maneuvering I also feel like it could replace the controversial sprint and clamber. Maps could remain the size as they are, your jumps would have to be timed to get the most out of them. For longer horizontal jump and vertical jumps it would be more rewarding than simply sprinting or climbing. In turn this would eliminate the animation frames associated with them allowing you to shoot and make a complicated jumps if skilled enough and reduces the attention it takes away from your enchounters. Sor example instead of turning around and clambering up an object to run away, I could double jump backward while in an engagement. Timed reloads- This one I'm probably going to get a lot of crap for and it's not as impacting as the first one however, it is something I feel would add a level of skill to the game. Take gears of war reloading system and slap it into halo. This would be a new mechanic to balance guns to a new degree and would give advantages to players who know the timing for each weapon. Of course I wouldn't suggest having gun jams if you miss, only the reward for timing it correctly. So it would be a little more like "YY" to cancel the rest of the reload but added in a more user friendly way. This could also work for melees as a bxb/bxr replacement. Alt fire- If the smartscope stays and pretty much ONLY in that case, I'd love to see guns handle differently. The H4 light rifle is a good example of this. When it is zoomed it acts situationaly better but not over all better. An rough idea could be that a plasma rifle could shoot a steady stream like the reach covenant weapon when zoomed or a concussion rifle that charges up like a rail gun when zoomed. Toggle options in gametypes- Sprint, ADS (choices between none, all, just precision.), Other abilities, killcams, nade indicators, radar (on, off, on without levels, teammates only) Toggle person options- spatan chatter (useful, all, non), Special assassinations. Manual button layouts- So I can map whatever to whatever. Weapon priority- prioritizes power weapons when picking up guns on the ground. Map feedback- So more popular maps cycle more often and possibly groups you with other people with those same preferred maps. Reintroduce momentum slidejumps- This really helped to players that could think outside of the box. This is all that comes to mind off the top of my had but I may edit with more later. And these are just fresh ideas that could work and I personally wouldn't mind seeing over some of th pointless ones or game breaking ones weve seen already.
  4. Demik, It's working just fine for me. I appreciate it though incase it's not for anyone else! Znot, Sweet! I tried that a few times and couldn't get it. Once they fix crouch jumping, these should work more consistently and be easier to do.
  5. Found this the other day while playing the beta and wanted to share it with all of you. This jump is possible in both blue and red yard but is slightly easier on blue side. To perform, simply walk along the structure and jump at the peek, land the bottom of extruding lip and jump after one step. It works easiest when you are looking almost straight up and if you hit both jumps with sprint. I hope that it helps you guys out for the next few days and when the full game comes out!
  6. ADamnCivilian and I made this to say merry christmas to everyone! The tree has working lights, theres snow falling outside the window from the roof and a few other fun christmas surprises! Enjoy! And have a good holiday!
  7. I have no idea. Haha Thanks man. Message me about your other hobby, i wouldnt mind hearing about it. Heres a 3v3 gamplay on Dispite. v4 V5 coming soon!
  8. @@PrimeTime Thanks. It's been a very long planning process but it's been worth it. I've tested a bunch already and I'm pretty saticfied with about every aspect of it after the major changes it has gone through. I'll definitely add you. Even though all of the main issues have been addressed I will be continuing to update it decently regularly. Thank you again. I'm on vacation at the moment though so if you end up getting the chance to add me, send me a message letting me know it's you so that I can make sure I remember to add you! @Mr green, I agree. He prefers to give feedback in person but it was not allowing him and I in a match together at all. On the other hand, how do you feel about the map. I know it's just a spin on a 2 base but I went out of my way to use the old formula in a new way ad throw my own spin on things. Still opinions are appreciated.
  9. @@Squeak It was. I was disappointed. I didn't remake it on a different canvas but civi and I recreated a huge bit of it, revised, resized, simplified and made it work out. @@SaLoT, I replied to your post on the other forum. @SMilo, not sure if that's a compliment or just short of one. Haha. Thanks for checking it out regardless!
  10. Thank you. I want that to be a decision you are dedicated to once you make it. So if you want to get the sniper, eith both players should be down of you know that your teammate has them occupied. If you ignorantly lift up you'll be more or less trapped. It was a conscious design choice I had made, other wise I'd probably agree with you. I also don't want people having interaction from the platform into the base it's in from of.
  11. The h2a version Pretty close to the original design as far as layout aside from some parts that were opened up or squashed. Special thanks to Civi for helping me finish the forging and continuous help with updating the map, I would've never finished it if it wasn't for you. Also thanks to SecretSnitzel and papercraft for the biggest constructive critism that kept me at it and motivated to make the changes I needed to make. As well as everyone else who has tested it and gave me the concerns!! To anyone who wants to download, add me (whos Blaze) on xbox and look in your leaderboards on any level of h2a legendary solo! Thanks!
  12. After month of planning, prebuilding, building and rebuilding, Dispute is finally here. Designed by myself (whos blaze) and forged by aDamnCivilian and myself. Dispute focuses on competitive 4v4 gameplay where set ups and teamwork can really shine. Initially designed for CTF in mind this map contains rewarding jumps and tosses for players with map knowledge and coordination. That being said it doesn't mean the map plays only for ctf but supports slayer and various other competitive gametypes that will be more refine in future versions, such as Ball, Hill, Land grab. Dispute has gone through many changes already. It was refined due to frame drops, tested and then had to be resized almost completely. Which I did with as much care as possible by measuring and comparing the size to shrine and pitstop, timing routes to match those as closely as possible to accommodate peoples concerns about sizing. I put a lot of care into designing this and will continue with your feedback bla bla bla, you know. Now onto the part you care about, The pictures! Preplanning: The draw up The halo 4 concept
  13. Thanks Txh! @Nooch, nope not at all. And the gametype makes each player white so it's even more noticeable. I will post a gameplay pretty soon and update the post.
  14. Thanks man. I assure you, it plays significant different than midship. The layout may have 2 bases, 2 side and a path in the center but so does beaver creek. ;P But I was playing it pretty safe in a way. Haha I am going out of my way to not make it the same as every other one while keeping the same balance and feel sort of. I will however be making loads of different styles in the future. Thanks for the criticism and keep up with my work if you want to see them, after I get out of this kick I'm on anyway.
  15. The layout of the map looks very accurate. So good job on that. However, your scaling looks really off. Regardless, keep up the forging! As for the lifts. Just use a forerunner lift and your problem should be solved.
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