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  1. Ola's concentration face, lol. https://twitter.com/mikieB506/status/374339905075163136
  2. The first and ONLY thing that came to mind after skimming through this video is...
  3. Sooo, some of you may remember my "Ola" creation thread. If you haven't seen it, check it out here: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/415-my-ola-creations/ I've decided to continue my little "series" with this... <3
  4. GT: RaiderWreckedEm Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikieB506 Looking to play Throwdown and Customs! Average player, and I pull host a lot, but I don't get a lot of complaints about my host.
  5. I am posting these on behalf of my best friend who, sadly, no longer plays Halo This first one is quite funny, as well as being awesome This next one is VERY cool, I've never seen this before. Back in the high school days, his parents had their ISP cut their internet off at midnight, so he was always risking getting DC'ed mid-match if he searched around 11.50pm or any later. This is one of the cases where he was unfortunate enough to get caught mid-match. He got DC'ed literally AS this grenade exploded, and this is the result.
  6. LOL, well I fail. [insert FailFish here] - - thanks!
  7. Hey, folks! I've never seen anyone even ATTEMPT this jump, so I did. I have never had such a hard time making a jump in ANY Halo. I tried this for two straight hours, and only managed to make the jump one time... yeah... Also, I know this jump is not practical by any means, but it's certainly very fun, and pretty impressive(if I do say so myself ;P) <3
  8. Hahahahahaha, nice. Even gave them names! <3
  9. Hahaha ^.^ thx for the love guys! Alias, yes I kept revealing them in his stream as I completed them. His mods kept letting me spam the links so he would see them, haha. He enjoyed them
  10. I think Jimmy Fallon is hilarious. Here are a couple of my favorite skits..
  11. First thing I thought of after watching this - - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A
  12. Here's a nice comeback in Halo 3 Fiesta from back in the day. If you look at the list of scores at the end, and then watch the video, you'll notice that I encountered the guy who was at 24 kills more than once.
  13. One of the first days that iGotUrPistola started streaming, a Twitch user said, "Imagine Ola with a beard." - I made it a reality. Then I took it to a whole new level. Anyway, here are my creations. <3
  14. It is INCREDIBLY rare that I come across Atlantic Canadian players. Where you at?! Hit me up on XBL ( RaiderWreckedEm ) or something so we can play. I mostly play Doubles and Throwdown, but I'm up for customs and whatnot.
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