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  1. Yes! One more hcs dark ages stepping stone until Infinite im trying to keep positive, i actually kinda hate reach :')
  2. if they somehow fuck this up also crossfire new esport on xbox Pog
  3. Totally forgot about MCC... I would be surprised if we don't get a reach release date tbh
  4. To keep me mentally stable, I'm betting we don't hear anything until E3
  5. My clan used to have clan meetings in our forged meeting rooms
  6. Weawwy hawd fow me tuwu cawe abouwt a sewies awnd content wike thawt when they'we pwaying a gawme with hitmawkews, thwee maps, no button combos, awnd a br thawt pwacticawwy aims fow uwu. ..
  7. Can't we just ask 343i to show us some gameplay? I feel like if we are very polite and cute they would show us
  8. You can say that I was born to be a TeamBeyond Moderater. I catch a glimpse of copypasta, the adrenaline starts pumping. A whiff of drama, I snap into duty. My fellow forum posters call for a ban, I erase that motherfucker from the history books of this forum. There is no emote I won’t code, no ban I won’t give, no forum laws I won’t overlook, and no order I won’t obey to make @CyReNhappy, And if you become his problem, well, I’m sorry to say that I’ll become yours

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