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  1. i feel like the game is just really unoptimized
  2. AR/Pistol start is a hell no from me, i might have to dodge social because of that shit
  3. God speed soldier, you are the best we got
  4. I can’t tell if I hate the commando just yet
  5. shit looks like a stronger version of the H2 pistol
  6. maybe im just desperate for a new halo but man i could rock with this, guess we will see more tomorrow
  7. thou invite shalt be revoked for thy sins heathen HCS thread is sacred, not a troll lodge we may jest but thou never indulge in brabble
  8. Tue, Sep 22, 2021 – Mon, Dec 21, 2021 Where fall begins and where fall ends I hope we all live to see the day
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