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  1. I thought there was problems regarding controller responsiveness/input delay with BC games?
  2. If anyone has any godly halo 3 clips send me a DM with the dvr link, im trying to edit some stuff
  3. i need a group of friends to play halo with pls halp
  4. A Christmas BEYOND our wildest dreams a forum filled with illustrated memes "A bunch of toxic trolls" is all that it seems our family gathered under a well lit christmas tree Beyond our Christmas tree, darkness surrounds us internally advanced movement is what keeps us turning in our sleep The burning intensifies, our depression is deep Please bring back classic halo to save us from this steep if it takes too long we might take the leap our family gathered under a well lit christmas tree Merry Christmas
  5. Thank you for saving halo oh and for the next one get a animated background for better aesthetic  ノ火
  6. Don't you ever take down the forums again... You understand? Update: Pls father forgive me and change your mind and hit me with the Sims face gold mine

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