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  1. I'm sorry but I just woke up due to the overwhelming sound of Billy Ray Cyrus reading The Declaration of Independence that I have on 24/8 on my trusty CD player. God bless NavG for being a true Halo Patriot
  2. I will actually start bawling my eyes out if these are true
  3. honestly ill take it. i fucking HATE thrust, ground pound, and spartan charge
  4. 29 more days so long y'know these past months have been a haze TB : Mr. 343i can we pls get sum infinite news? maybe even a little Reach PC phase? maybe a little HCS praise? Mr. 343i : no 29 more days
  5. this is the greatest cereal ever created, you take your cardboard flavored croutons with sugar and go somewhere else
  6. don't ever describe projectiles like that again

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