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  1. We should just make our own halo game
  2. help my building is on fire don’t worry I’m coming!
  3. Sprint, Clamber, Slide, Grappling Hook... hoping for the best
  4. Damn he do be spittin 😳
  5. imagine firing a shotgun at the floor and it killing people
  6. I'm guessing you haven't found the strip club map and gametype yet, that one is my favorite
  7. or maybe its just a good discussion to bring up regarding Halo on pc? You are acting like the casual player base when we bring up the removal of bloom.... "Dude is just fucking salty and people think bloom takes no skill because a "pRo" says so"
  8. I honestly rather sit in a Xbox party by myself than talk to some troglodyte in game chat yelling about chicken tenders and how his team sucks.

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