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  1. Tue, Sep 22, 2021 – Mon, Dec 21, 2021 Where fall begins and where fall ends I hope we all live to see the day
  2. I need Halo 3 PC friends GT - Exacide UwU Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064144260/
  3. What? How can you do this? This is outrageous. It’s unfair. How can you be on the council and not be a master?
  4. Safe to say HCS told C9 some juicy intel, so they pounced on the opportunity
  5. Checkmate nerd also holy shit somebody sign this man that was the best killtrocity I have ever seen.
  6. My pc is fried so I have to take it into shop so I have been playing Xbox and I haven’t been getting ranked games. I’m only a level 7 so
  7. This might seem stupid but it would be cool if they implemented settings that would be close to Infinite as possible but then again the maps would probably not work well with those settings.
  8. What was the viewership like for MCC H3? also holy shit summit is getting his ass ate up on Twitter LMAO
  9. How dare you slander this forums’ name you heathen...... thou shall not breathe the same air we have conquered for I, FeaR, the holy one, have smite you from engaging in our council of hatred and memes Begone heathen.... may Cooper rest his soul
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