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  1. I have a crude ms paint drawing of a graph relating to this, I’ll probably have to make another one this year if they go on a rampage
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/DoubtfulDirtyCrabsBleedPurple-Ez195JxfWtd9qgrx inject this into my veins
  3. Myself, @Reamis25 , and @NavG123 need a Ice bath 4th for future events. send height and weight to be considered. One tub only
  4. its kind of your thing now, embrace it
  5. LAUNCH SITE IS A FIESTA 4V4 MAP???????????????????
  6. ranking system is dog shit @Reamis25 yes it did
  7. Bound has become one of my favorite halo streamers. Guy is about to show off at events
  8. anyone know how is the performance on the series s?
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