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  1. Reach isnt fortnite EDIT : Woah!!! Thanks for the gold kind stranger!1!!1!! For you have bestowed internet fame upon thy hands... thank ya UwU YOU'RE BREATHTAKING, NO YOU ARE BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!
  2. Read a book you sprint haters LOL HAHA ROFL imagine walking when you are a 6'8 Fucking militarized space man killer
  3. mnk is NOT the fucking wave, holy shit i want to cry because i am SOOOO DOG MEAT the crying is mostly from OU letting baylor comeback
  4. gunning me down while on the floor with a controller in hand, cowboy boots on, and cracked out on game fuel
  5. unbelievable..... her AR is on point though. i was getting smacked
  6. do you guys experience like small stutters on pc reach?
  7. my whole team quit on Team Hardcore, berry cool
  8. We survived Phase 1 of HCS Grassroots! 1 more game to go! I like to call this little achievement a Victory Royale

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