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  1. But what is the difference between having them in social or in the entire game? In true competitive play at its highest level, it won't make a difference whether it is in the game or not. Why? That is because everyone already knows exactly when the weapons are spawning and where. So, since it doesn't change how they play the game at the highest level, then it should be fine right? Adding the timers into the game breaks down one of the barriers of accessibility. The less barriers the better. This opens up the game so that true skill can shine. While memorizing stuff is a skill, it is not a great skill and it is not one that should really come into play in a competitive fps. The game puts more emphasis on your shooting skill, your team coordination, and your map strategy. Halo is also the ONLY esport that allows coaches to talk during the game to the players. As a coach is essentially an in-game weapon timer, it must not be a big deal in competitive play to have weapon timers.
  2. If you get slowed a little bit when you get shot while sprinting, then it should work perfectly fine. Especially with the no shield recharge while sprinting. Sprint was never properly implemented into the previous Halo titles, which is why everyone is so wary of it in Halo 5. However, it so far doesn't seem bad from what they are saying. Once we play it and personally get to feel how it is, then we can give our "final" judgement. I am hoping that the charge and slide work well and are implemented well. They can be very tricky to get right. But from the videos, the charge doesn't seem to be too crazy strong and doesn't charge too far. I think these new abilities will open up and change gameplay. This can be a good thing, especially if it adds new mechanics and can expand the skill involved in a gunfight.
  3. Can I ask you something? Just what were you expecting from this competitive multiplayer? I feel like people don't understand that when companies say "competitive multiplayer" that they mean it in the sense that you are fighting against other people in a competition to see who is the better player/team/whatever. They don't mean that it is a highly competitive, balanced game. Just because it is Bungie, doesn't mean that it is going to play like Halo or feel like Halo or be anything like Halo. Complaining about the Halo sandbox and loadouts has no real bearing on a completely different game. I just don't understand why people expected a Halo clone.
  4. Right under his fat face. I started aiming lower and the yellow "headshot" numbers started appearing. I believe that spot is glowing too.
  5. My wife and I queued up with a random dude. Took us all about 4 tries to get him down. Gets pretty crazy near the end. And it wasn't until the 4th try that I finally figured out where to shoot him effectively lol. Shit gets intense.
  6. Both Destiny and Dragon Age Inquisition are on the 360. Getting a new system for 1 game isn't worth it. Also, expendable cash isn't what it used to be. Don't have near as much of it as I used to now that I am starting a family. That much money for a new console is not worth it yet. Plus, none of my friends are willing to get the new console.
  7. I don't think MCC will do nearly as well since it is on the new system. There isn't enough incentive to get the new system when they keep making games for both Xboxes. I know that I don't plan on getting the Xbox One for another year or 2, depending on what games come out. I do feel like this could do well but there aren't enough good games getting people to upgrade. All of my friends have the 360. None of them plan on getting the Xbone. Though the Kinect being taken off the Xbone is slightly more appealing.
  8. Just finished playing Dishonored since it was free for Gold recently. Was pretty fun being a badass assassin with superpowers.
  9. Yah they just updated that. I think I like it better than before. It's not as bland and easier to find out who is free, etc.
  10. I think you just sold me on AC4. I think I will get that as a Christmas present to myself. I have been liking a lot of what I have been hearing about this game. Though I still will get it for the 360. No next Gen console for me for another year or so.
  11. Damn Rengar can be quite the beast in top lane. I think I might try playing him more up there. The vision changes will help him that's for sure. But I still like my Shyvana in top. It is fun when you can out trade a Renekton when you land your E. Was going to take Kayle mid, but then my top laner picked her first. Couldn't decide who to play in mid besides Kayle. So I went with Morgana. Damn she is still pretty strong.
  12. What do you farm when you are only level 8 or so?
  13. I was happy that SKT won, though I was hoping that Royal would have been able to take a game and make it somewhat close. Impact was killer on Jax and Royal just couldn't stop him. It was still a good game nonetheless. I wonder what Season 4 changes will be coming. Sadly, I don't think that I will be able to make it to gold to get that Victorious Elise skin.
  14. Good: they can make a game look pretty. Bad: they can't make a game that is fun, good, challenging and has longetivity. Good: their post-game support looks like it has been ok. Bad: their post-game support took way too long to implement anything and put off a lot of people.
  15. It is because there is no stepping stone playlist. It goes from infinity slayer to throwdown. There is no "in-between" playlist to get you used to the used of competitive play. Throwdown settings with radar would be huge. It would help ease players into playing competitive settings, or almost competitive settings. Other reasons include: no big party restrictions, horrible skill matching, too hard, etc.
  16. I'm glad NaJin Black Sword won even though they didn't have a great showing at ogn. I am cheering for SKT over Gamma Bears, but I do hope that it is a good series, since I don't know anything about Gamma. OMG has been looking strong and Royal is coming in cold. But there is a very big rivalry between these two teams, that I can't really pick a favourite. It is going to be good, that's all I know :p
  17. but, but, but...i don't smoke...
  18. That last game between SKT and OMG was crazy! What a snowball! That was so quick too. What an exciting game!
  19. Same here. Couldn't be bothered to keep waiting for CSR. Then didn't care when it did come out. Haven't touched the game since February and I don't regret it one bit. League of Legends is the main game that has been occupying my time. It is fun as hell!
  20. How did you only play doubles and throwdown when the game came out? Those playlists didn't exist until a few months later.
  21. Should have done this long ago. It's a little late now. Also, BTB should require Majestic and Castle. Once the goty edition comes out, they should lower the prices of the dlc to half price and keep it there. That would entice more people to buy it. I still won't, but that's me.
  22. Grifball it's a neutral bomb gametype, the bomb holder has faster movement speed, he can also pass the "bomb" around to teammates, making for a much faster paced gametype. How is this nothing like Grifball? Everything you described about Ricochet, describes Grifball. If Ricochet is in serious consideration to be put into v5, then also consider putting in Grifball as it is basically the same damn thing.
  23. Well, at least I can finally get my sad robot amumu skin. Been waiting for that for a while.
  24. Golf was actually pretty fun. First time I went there, it was closed, so I decided to upgrade my car to a nice sportscar that was the parking lot. So much better than driving around clunky cars and trucks lol. Played tennis too, and it wasn't half bad. I need to do more exploring now. Is there a way to save more than one car? I can only fit one in my garage and want to have a couple nice ones.

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