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  1. Anybody pushing for Not Forgotten on Xbox? Add me up:GT BodyLotion Sitting at 2300 as a solo player atm.
  2. Is there a way to preload the PC beta without pre ordering?
  3. Not gonna lie, Naded is pretty creative with the greenscreen.
  4. I havent had that much fun in the beta, a lot of things needs to be tuned up. Damage with guns so things die faster, how fast your super charges, sprint speed with supers etc, etc. And im not gonna lie, 30 fps is a problem for me, it feels cluncky af.
  5. I'm considering betting on WC group winners. I'm thinking USA, and Russia is winning 100%, with over 2 in odds. Anybody got any thoughts about group D and H? Personally I view GBR as stronger than Germany, but im very unsure about Finland or Spain.
  6. Seems like so many people think they can play DPS now as well, even when they don't really have the skillset to climb doing so. People on the other side, that will fill, to do everything they can to climb gets frustrated by this meta. This combination seems to equate to a lot of people calling this the worst season so far, because in a lot of games you have DPS players that don't gaf, and won't switch, and as a result there is so much toxic behavior. Hit master a few weeks ago after plying the last few weeks of last season and this season obviously.
  7. Thats hype! Good physiqe, especially your legs.
  8. It was plain and boring compared to BO2, but its better than any cod released since.
  9. You gotta risk it for the busquit. Obviously its money i can afford to lose.
  10. I don't think Conor will win. But its a fight, and anything is possible if the left hand lands. Im betting on Conor.
  11. Its music. If i dont feel the music, fuck the lyrics.
  12. I don't like the beats kendrick picks.
  13. Fav songs? Half way through and I'm finding it a little corny.
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