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  1. Hey look a game worth coming back to. It feels amazing on Xbox literally what I’ve been waiting years for, is Halo back back back for real this time?
  2. It's so vague the page might as well be blank; which is also an apt description of 343's vision for this franchise.
  3. I'm convinced they'd prefer to tank the whole franchise rather than admit they were wrong at this point.
  4. I think we should get rid of spartan charge and add the sprint melee back, however there would be no aim assist or lunge. That's the only way I could see it being fair.
  5. Because 343 doesn't get it, and will continue to not 'get it' until this franchise fades into obscurity. The fact that we've had virtually no weapon balancing proves that. It's like the higher-ups at 343 are all special snowflakes and if you question their design choices they either ignore you or double down on it. I play way more MCC these days, and at this point I think it's a better product. You can call me a whacko or whatever, but I can't splitscreen with my friends and I can't deal with the frustrating sandbox in this game. Every time I take a couple days off and come back and play a few games I am quickly reminded why I don't like to play. If I'm warmed up I can definitely hang around champions in any playlist, but the fact that you have to press a thousand buttons per minute just to be at the same level is stupid. It's like 343 has no concept of subtlety in their design process. Every action in H5 requires you to perform it in the most tryhard fashion possible otherwise you'll be out-tryharded. You just can't have a 1v1 and out-strafe an opponent; instead you both have to do Olympic-style acrobatics just to either back down and waste your time or get basically the same outcome. These new abilities don't make engagements more interesting or have more depth; they just make them needlessly complex and frustrating. (Didn't mean to rant at you, more just as a jumping off point.)
  6. Or in CTF a way for overtime to end when the first team scores. :holmes:
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