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  1. didnt know this site/forum got so popular
  2. howdy danger much obliged for the beat god
  3. Just get all of them dude.
  4. Yea I agree, time period wise it's not surpassing. But if the original HBO synopsis was not an intern error, it's a pretty big reveal that the Others have a social hierarchy, and a Nights King (whether that is the legend himself, or another) even. Sort of already inferred what the Others did with the babies anyways. Especially if you take into consideration the advanced readers synopsis calling the Others "Neverborn." I doubt it would be revealed like that in the books for the exact reasons you said, but it could be a significant change to the way we view the Others, considering that Martin said they were misunderstood. r/asoiaf has some crazy tin foil theories about it though lol. And yea, it was really just filler/suspense building, but it still could be crucial to the story.
  5. No but seriously, that's the first time we've seen something in the show that might be in future books, what did you think about that? I'm not sure how I feel, but I knew the show would at some point surpass material that is already released, I had just hoped Martin would stop fucking around finish TWOW before it got to that point. I'd also like to point out I actually agree with Fierce for the most part.
  6. How does Fierce feel about this reveal?
  7. Technically we are in the Turbo era now too, but yea you are right.
  8. Almost like left overs from WW3
  9. are you watching closely?
  10. why doesnt anyone else care that boosie is out of jail now, wtf
  11. http://www.wafb.com/story/24898444/boosie-standby
  12. why are you trying so hard
  13. nobody else finds this hilarious right now?
  14. But you said it was hilarious
  15. I really hope rehab does him well. Back From the Dead keef would be sick to hear again.
  16. bman so hood. much gangster.
  17. Triple posts 'cause that's gangster as fuck.
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