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  1. Meh I don't think I'm making the video anymore. One part of me wants to make the video but the other part of me is thinking "what would be the point and would it even help the community?" If I make the video it'll realistically get 100 views and -10 dislikes on YouTube and it'll benefit no one. After digging through /r/halo and Waypoint what I had seen it opened me up a little bit. Theres a good chunk of people on each side that want the game to be good but the biggest bottleneck is the company itself and we forced to follow and accept everything they give us. I think I'm just crazy or something but I just have to let go of this game, I used to love Halo and the community but seeing how none of 343 actually wants to communicate and make a great game makes me want to tap out. Godspeed to the rest of you on this thread,if any of you choose to buy Halo 6 after the streak of Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo 4, The MCC, and Halo 5 I'll pray for you tonight but I'm outtie. Mods please ban my account, I've had enough to be honest.
  2. I'm going to make a satirical video of all the "fallacies" and I'm scrubbing through Waypoint and reddit to capture comments that have these fallacies and all I feel are salt in my veins and a high blood pressure. EDIT: Actually nevermind I've been combing through Waypoint and I'm actually suprised by how much the dialogue has changed there. I am actually really impressed by some of the people that recognize this games fault. But, If there is anything that I am salty about is that people had came to the conclusion that Halo 5 isn't all that great A FULL YEAR LATER. I'm still going to make the video though.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujS1WkbodCc
  4. This is true. I've only ever used my AR to cleanup. While I don't think that is the only thing the Assualt Rifle should do, I perfer it this way instead of just spraying and hoping things work out.
  5. I reinstalled Halo 5 just to play the Anniversary Throwback playlist. I haven't played Halo in probably in month or something I don't even know. All that stuck out to me was that the aim is still shit, that this game had massive potential, and that we finally have post game medals. Honestly the Anni playlist isn't what everyone hoped for most likely but its still better than normal arena shit. Meh, realistically Halo 6 isn't going to do good but at least I feel like I got the Halo game I payed for now.
  6. Propose another solution then. I'm not gonna get into it with you, it'd just be a waste of my energy.
  7. I haven't posted on here in a while, but I still want Halo to be great again. I've looked at like 3 months worth of posts, and if there is something that I think needs to be done is that I think this community needs to make amends and try to be more nice to the other communities. I just realized that thinking that we're "better" and that we know more is just causing tension and friction. Instead we need to be the leaders and rightfully show what needs to be done for a better game. We need REQ's gone for the next expansion. We need REAL communication, having Bravo jump in a couple of posts on reddit isn't good enough. We need to appeal to people that are pro-sprint and explain why the series was better in the past. But we can't just be hostile about it, we need real advocates and people with understanding with YouTube channels. And straight up, bitching on this forum isn't going to do anything whatsoever. Looking at 3 months of posts was like listening to the same conversation OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, yes Halo 5 sucks, yes Waypoint is a wierd fever dream, yes the MCC was a cashgrab, yes 343 are incompetent. But if anything has to change it has to be the dialogue and the unity of the community. We all have a different vision for what Halo should be, I think absolutely everyone recognizes that. But unless we unify and get some things straight we're pretty much screwed with 343 at the helm. Yo I really want to buy Halo 6 and have a blast but if we don't link up and hold people accountable all of this angst and strife is just a waste of mental energy. So lets please just figure out a way to make things better.
  8. I haven't been here in a minute but dicks out to @ZeusTheDino and @@Cooper. You'll never be forgotten..
  9. I would bid you all adieu, and ask the mods to delete my account.
  10. Posting on page 5000. What a time to be alive.
  11. Ok cool Bravo! Now show us the numbers. O_____O
  12. I feel as if I could give the Halo franchise to just about any TeamBeyond users and go "here you go, you now have control over the next game in the Halo series and you have full creative control, however you need to address problems with the past 3 Halos and balance both the casual and competitive communties and unify Halo as a whole." And I bet 90% that we would get a good Halo game. Executive control and stupid input is what is dumbing this game down as a whole, its the same problem with Call of Duty and its the same problem with any other media company in any field such as film, tv, art, video-games, etc. Executives have little to no gaming background and lack perspective and force their creative vision on their staff and their underlings. They rub their hands together and wonder "what are the kiddies going to buy this year???", they throw in the latest and greatest trends and memes into their game/show/movie then call it a day. Then once the piece of entertainment comes out with a low-score, the customers bitch at the underlings while the blame should be placed on the higher-ups that are shrouded in mystery. This is the reason why Overwatch was a resounding success, a team of dedicated gamers with ethos came together to create a well balanced FPS with their vision in their mind, and they executed it flawlessly. They added a diverse and interesting roster of characters with different backstories, it is well balanced and fun for casuals while still having a competitive edge due to how this game is designed, and the higher-ups kept their hands off the gameplay while they just forced them to put in comestic microtransactions and called it a day. Not to mention it has a well informed united community with a bunch of artists, commentators, and streamers who love the game with a burning passion. There is a reason why the game is going to be the GOTY. Meanwhile my favorite franchise is flailing like a fish outta water trying to implement more mobility options, microtransactions, and WONT FUCKING FIX THE SHIT AIMING.
  13. Yeah I've had my posts mysteriously dissappear after something in the thread went down its a normal thing I guess, but still I don't like it happening.
  14. Crap I accidently negged, when I was trying to reply. I remembering being in a Waypoint thread where people just said what is the first Halo game they had gotten into. Suprisingly Reach and 4 were at least 50% of the replies. And unsuprisingly the players that started on Halo 4 were so obviously children with names like XxTh3K1llaxX or JohnnieWiliams73. Just keep in mind that when you see stuff on Waypoint just take it less seriously, because there isn't anypoint arguing with children who might not understand the history of the Halo franchise. When they say things like "Stop playing Halo 5 if you like sprint" or "I like sprint so it should stay in the game" just think of this picture.
  15. The clutter is real. Older Halo games didn't require such input so most matches had a relaxed vibe. But these new Halo games having you doing pointless inputs like Sprint/Jump Combo. When I used to play Halo 5 I would get burnt out so quickly because each map was pointlessly sweaty and hyperpaced. When ever I boot up the MCC I feel at home and feel relaxed playing Halo CE/2 I move at a comfortable speed, and enemy encounters are spread out evenly. Whereas in Halo 5 I'm sprinting, having to constantly check my 6' because they radar is small as fuck, having to check the weapon pads, and pay attention to the spartan chatter. I feel like I need to be jacked up on Red Bull to do moderately well. The main reason why I've been playing Overwatch so much is because there are no pointless inputs and it is properly balanced. I don't need to worry about mobility unless my character has an ability that enables me to do so, the pacing of the game is flexible so things speed up when things get tense but it isn't a constant tension that causes burnout.
  16. Halo is a team game and when you quit out you are running the experience for others on your team, however some of the maps on Halo 5 are such utter shit that I completely understand if people back out. Honestly I stopped playing Halo right before the Riptide DLC came out, I decided "fuck it lets see if H5 is worth my time" and I redownloaded it. Literally the first game I played was on Riptide and I sat there in amazement wondering how 343 approved such a lopsided, convoluted, windy map. No but seriously between Overgrowth and Riptide I would just back out.
  17. This is endgame at the end of the day. 343 could implement every anti-quitting protocol in the book but if people aren't invested in the maps then what is even the point. I still wish we had a veto button, there is a reason why I barely played Snowbound on Halo 3 its because that map sucked booty. I remember some guy on /r/Halo got into an argument with me and he said "343 should make every map viable" (I shit you not) and when I proposed that there should be veto button in H5 I got downvoted to oblivion. Its almost as if people don't get that all maps aren't created equally and aren't all equally loved.
  18. This is true. I picked up Halo 3 when I was 11 years old, and there were a few moments when I had realized that the horizontal aiming was a bit faster than the vertical aiming but I never really took it to count. And I had also noticed how some of my BR battles felt like they were up to luck and I thought there was really shit lag but it was really a shit br that would drop a couple of bullets. For the most part I would bet a good 80% of the community doesn't put any critical thought into a game, that isn't necessarily a bad thing but as time goes games are becoming more simplistic and easy for anyone to pickup and in turn is killing the competitive community for this game. It doesn't feel like an well coordinated team of MLG pros could beat a random team of high-level Onyx's while matchmaking in this game. I could give my 6 year old baby cousin Halo, Mountain Dew, and some Doritos while keeping her glued to the TV for 5 hours a day and I bet in 2 weeks she could be at the same level of skill that I have achieved in Halo 5. It really is a joke.
  19. Who gives a damn, I'm playing a video game dammit. I want there to be quality gameplay, if I have to sacrifice immersion so be it.
  20. People have the right to use their money for whatever purpose they choose, but why drop so much money on Halo 5? I just don't get it, I remember some posters on YouTube comments saying how their $500 purchases on REQ packs on Halo 5 was a great use of their money and "investing" well into their hobby. Meanwhile I'm thinking about how awesome it would be to have $500 bucks in the first place.
  21. >Holy words Seeing posts like that always manage to piss me off. Like how in the world can you downplay and make someone look bad if they actually put effort into their posts??? How would anything in this world be accomplished if it weren't for long prose, insight, and meaningful discussion??? Honestly I would like to make a case for 343 to shut down Waypoint or revamp the forum to show both upvotes and downvotes. it really is anti-intellectualism, I'm sorry but it really is. Having only a "like" button is absolutely dumb. It is 20XX ffs, the internet is an argumentative place with a bunch of different viewpoints and to only have a "like" button is sad and doesn't show the whole picture. You need to be able to filter out low-effort posts that give the site a bad name and bring discussions down to the lowest common denominator.
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