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  1. I believe I ran into you online yesterday. I am currently a Diamond one. Was a Diamond 3 yesterday but kept getting matched with people who were leaving and just awful. I love being the objective person, but have an above average BR accuracy. I am running standard Xbox controller until Elite restocks. I have Astro a40s with M80. Running on about a 115mbps speed. Also have a BenQ RL2455M coming in the mail tomorrow. If you would like to see if I am good enough to run Arena with, message me. GT:Im Zerkee I am on USA Eastern Time Zone, I play Tuesday-Saturday. M-F I work 9-5pm but will be on afterwards. Today I will not be on, but tomorrow I will be on for about 6 hours. See you around!
  2. Im Zerkeee MM - Team Arena mainly Eastern Time Zone (USA) Please have a mic.
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