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  1. Everyone is low right now. I needed a team of four just to get into onyx. Usually I can just grind it out but not in that playlist as it is.
  2. I wouldn't support keeping the no radar playlist separate from team arena. Team arena is supposed to be the most competitive gametypes halo 5 can offer. Because 343 decided to ignore that until now is not our problem and team arena should reflect what it was advertised to be. Plus I don't want a population split in the premier playlist.
  3. Anyone who plays these please hit me up. I'm down to play customs whenever. I appear offline sometimes but send me a message or fr saying its for these settings and I'm in. My Gt is TBRNER
  4. We're those 2v2s in that tournament no radar yesterday. I watched the beyond video of them this morning and it looked like having no radar made the game any less confusing at all. I know its a 2v2 but Radar looks completely unnecessary.
  5. Finding a slight and somewhat ineffective alternative is not a compromise. There is no compromise when one side refuses to change anything at all regarding a subject. If anything this is us are trying to cope with their stubbornness of not removing radar.
  6. If 343 patches this it will be the ultimate smack in the face.
  7. I'm unsure how lit it could possibly be consdiering they don't try to make the changes that need to be made.
  8. If pro+am FFA at tournaments were ran for a decent prize people would naturally plat it more like this did last seen in reach.
  9. But wait, I've been repeatedly told the game is that way it is because pros like it and if they wanted something changed for competitive sake it would have been already. You mean to tell me they dont have much of a say so at all all? Shocking.
  10. I was searching solo today as I was almost done getting out of diamond and I matched champion 1,2,7, and 18 searching in a to4...twice.
  11. Just try some games without it. I'm sure your view point will change and you'll wonder why you were even arguing in the first place lol .
  12. You do realize that just allows people to play on the offensive and just slay them out because they have to actually peak to see where someone actually is? Halo 4 and Reach both had Big maps designed for sprint and those both played better without radar. Also its not about the hiding its about radar giving people who hide an uncompetitive advantage
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