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  1. Or $10 each depending on how you look at the math.
  2. probably ice and rest would be the best course of action then. If the pain persists then consult a doctor but hopefully it is nothing major.
  3. Nice work duke really nice, your legs are insane looking man
  4. I wonder what the currency conversion per sperm is and for women's eggs
  5. GT: II7 HUNTER II7 (ii7) Clip name: MLG Exterm
  6. for people who liked the last of us
  7. Excellent montage, seems that some of the clips are in there twice? The one where pistola runs the flag bottom pink midship after an over and I noticed another but can't remember which
  8. Best of luck with the meet man keep us informed
  9. Working my awful summer job 12 hour shifts day and night but still hit a couple if PR's Niiiccceee
  10. If only there were other players to share it with No but for real that's pretty cool just like in CE
  11. Other things being the male spartan bum :P
  12. Big sauce was known for using the AR in CE
  13. All Irish people speak without an accent until they start drinking
  14. SBB Blizzz got knocked off the top spot because of a host change game he won :/ https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm2636577_Global-Championship-bug---343.aspx#post2636577
  15. for people with worn thumb sticks not wanting to buy a new controller you can get replacement thumb sticks on amazon really cheap I did it recently
  16. Thanks bro, the people who win the swat week are going to have a bit of a shock
  17. quick question, if you don't qualify in week 1 but do in week 2 what happens? to top 4 from each week get invited?
  18. That sucks man sorry to hear that but thanks though
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