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  1. That was crazy. GOAT episode by a long way. That handshake looked difficult for Walt to make but I'm guessing he's coming back for the money and that's why he has the machine gun. Jesse being chained up to cook was really dark... like wow
  2. Standoff AR starts though you either had the spartan laser, or you didn't
  3. They had a number of issues the main one being frame rate drops, they also could be used to block a pathway which hindered map movement especially in objective
  4. Good to hear jit post some before and after pics. Glad to hear you sound more optimistic about exercising again What will you will be talking about in your videos?
  5. Agreed also I have just seen Aaron Paul say that his favourite "bitch" is coming up. And that we will know what he means when we see it. Somewhere in the 3rd to last episode
  6. Walt Jr's face when he sees Saul in the car wash though my favorite part
  7. Holly Willoughby Kat Dennings Olivia Wilde Kaley cuoco Edit: Beyonce as well I agree and an honorable mention to Katee Life who isn't a celebrity but is known on the internet I guess
  8. Don't count yourself out before you even try jit. Good to hear you're enjoying working out more now
  9. I think one thing's certain. There's no way Walt is hiring a hit out on Jesse.
  10. Neighbor and Hysteria's dueltage was cringey. I was expecting more from Ninja's tage to be fair as well I was expecting more from Halo 4 though
  11. Have people had any thoughts of the significance to the kid with the remote control car? It's seen in a few episodes. Doesn't he drive it into hanks foot as well and hank is in a car crash later? He was driving a red sports RC car in the first episode of the second half of this series and Walt jr drives that red mustang... Or was it a yellow RC car? Anyways the car has changed I believe
  12. I think Jesse will spray Heisenberg onto the wall that you see in the first episode and then leave
  13. Ohp is always a tough one to shift but microloading worked for me. Get a pair of smaller weights or those wrist/ankle weights to move up in smaller intervals. Start with a deload and push through the previous barrier
  14. didn't think much of the newest episode. The build up to the finale is tense though
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