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  1. Try using the bar lower on your back. People can squat triple what you're doing without pain so the bar position could potentially be wrong
  2. I'm not looking for anything I was just curious to the process Also I know what Murder miners is. There are obviously flaws in the game otherwise it would have more of a following given this communities interest in a competitive console shooter.
  3. murder miners is how difficult it would be?
  4. just out of interest how difficult would it be for a group of people to make a competitive arena style shooter with similar mechanics and graphics to CE or H2 and get it onto the marketplace?
  5. How's the weather up there stretch Jit man I hope you're ok dude try not to get down on yourself because you do have a lot to offer a girl. You're a good looking guy with hobbies and interests and a steady job. You know when it does happen as well you'll make a girl very happy. Message me on FB man if you're ever feeling low.
  6. I will be picking up Y on my next paycheck but haven't played a Pokemon game since gold/silver can anyone explain the natures and IVs to me? What exactly am I looking for? Thanks
  7. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osgood–Schlatter_disease Bane of my lifting life
  8. OSD can eat a dick seriously. Today will be the 5th time I have visited the doctors since February about it an they have also signed me up for an appointment with the hospital to see an orthopaedic specialist soon. Hope they cut my bloody leg off
  9. Obviously the solution to this problem is for us to release our own clothing line Swole suits
  10. Same here man 32 waist and 36 jeans. My problem today was getting a nice shirt that would fit my neck chest and back but wouldn't be huge on my waist. 17" neck 43 inch chest and 32" waist doesn't mix. Also why do shirt makers assume that a larger shirt needs to be longer? By the time I was at my size it was basically a lab coat Fuuuuu
  11. Jesus Christ buying clothes is practically impossible now especially if you want to look formal
  12. why doesn't everybody already have a copy of halo 3 anyway?
  13. see that's where I go wrong. I spend all my money on light up yo yo's and nun chucks
  14. I was thinking Walt would make them leave his money (from the company) to his kids as Walt jr won't accept the money from him directly
  15. September 26-29th Las Vegas Nevada who's going to win?
  16. That felt like a proper filler episode I was pretty disappointed given how great the previous one was
  17. I'm on my phone so I can't link it but Aaron Paul's last tweet "it's about to get messy in the next episode" and a picture of a man walking away from a bomb using emojis :O
  18. II7 HUNTER II7

    iOS 7

    I have just downloaded it and using an iPhone 4 seems alright so far.
  19. TIL Halo 2 was delayed for pc release because one of the developers hid a picture of his ass in it
  20. https://twitter.com/deanjnorris/status/380041563230834688/photo/1 hahaha
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