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  1. This is relevant Also had a 24oz steak with ribs and 2 jacket potatoes last night
  2. I think it needs some more planning before people start asking for money
  3. Genuinely tempted to buy a N64 or GameCube after watching the smash doc
  4. This documentary was insane really enjoyed it. A halo doc would have to have words from CT imo Also zyos would have to do his interview from behind a crate
  5. Well done man Why would zyzz have no experience in cutting Benched 247.5 for 3 last night
  6. If we are still reminiscing about old school xbox games
  7. I barely ever game now. Doing a PhD takes up a huge chunk of my time I'm in 9-6/7 most days and when I get home by the time I have eaten dinner been to the gym and made my lunch for the next day it's like 11 o'clock. I'm in a long distance relationship too because my gf got a really good job offer in Manchester so at the weekends we take it in turns to visit each other so I can't really sit on the xbox. Also when was the last time they made a good competitive console game? I still read a lot of threads on here and GD though when I'm bored at work to keep in the loop
  8. Sprint and AAs would be bad enough to warrant me not getting the next halo title The annoying thing for me is 343 know that people hate these features and yet they have made no response to the fans of classic halo.
  9. I was commenting on the fact that you deleted her number and was going to act like you didn't know her when/if she text you. If you don't want to chase her don't (if I'm honest it sounds like you could do better) but you complain about being lonely and then seem to be afraid of rejecting before you have even opened up to anybody.
  10. Thanks guys Duke, yer I have been maintaining weight for the past few months and increasing my lifts now started bulking. Would have been bulking the whole time but I had that intense summer job remember. I really want to squat like I used to was repping 300+ no problem when my knee gets fixed I will feel pretty invincible
  11. Bench 242 x 5 Squat 255 x 5 (had been way higher but lowered it due to OSD) Deadlift 385 x 5 Incline 215 x 5 Rows 200 x 5 Dips +60 3 x 8
  12. Can confirm I know BrahBrah It's not me either
  13. I had Wed Squat 5 x 5 moderate ramped sets Bench 5 x 5 moderate ramped sets Row 5 x 5 moderate ramped sets weighted situps 4 x 8 weighted hypers 2 x 8 Fri Squat 4 x 5 light ramped sets Incline 4 x 5 moderate ramped sets Deadlift 4 x 5 heavy ramped sets situps 3 x 12 Sun Squat 4 x 5 moderate ramped 1 x 3 heavy 1 x 8 with 80% of the set of 3 Bench 4 x 5 moderate ramped 1 x 3 heavy 1 x 8 with 80% of the set of 3 Row 4 x 5 moderate ramped 1 x 3 heavy 1 x 8 with 80% of the set of 3 weighted dips 3 x 8 curls 3 x 8 tricep extension 3 x 8 basically what it has on the excel file on this website http://stronglifts.com/madcow/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm#File Download
  14. The fact is I can imagine Brahbrah doing that lol
  15. I have found madcow to be great for upper body having added a great deal of weight to my bench.
  16. You'd think that with every other person doing a computer science course wanting to work for a big game developer that we would have some worthwhile games out there by now
  17. Just been to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 and this pleases me I got my degree in physics last summer and now am doing a PhD with the research specialising in plasmonic nanosensors with the goal to develop better means of breast cancer detection
  18. Legit spent 3 hours playing halo with brahbrah while he drank like 15 pints of water because he was worried about his creatine intake lol Also you need to approach the goddess at your gym when you get your zyzz tank man
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