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  1. Playing halo 3 and i'm noticing sometimes the game will freeze for a split second here and there. Also sooooo many blood shots now holy hell
  2. I've only managed to play H3 on the insider but from my experience connections and registration have been weird. Super good and reliable in most games with the BR but then sniping I get significantly more bloodshots than I am used to. I remember getting them back on the 360 but it feels super frequent. Also I am hoping that the connections stay stable when the populations are larger, I have noticed my games are often filled with people really close by. Me and some other people in the UK even started a party chat and searched individually at the same time as we weren't finding games searching together as a party of 4 to see if we would end up in the same game and we all did. I have seen Ogre 2 streaming CE on insider and complaining a lot about hit registration and other issues. I am kind of worried they are going to do what they did at launch and promote the hell out of the game and then leave it with whatever issues it has once they cash in. Remember these people promised dedicated servers 4 years ago and took your money knowing the game was broken. Edit: Just read a bunch of comments on Reddit about how the insider program is flawless.
  3. I stop by now and again. I couldn't play much at university but now I have some evenings and weekends free. How could I leave a community passionate enough to argue about halo for nearly 2 decades
  4. Does anyone stream through an elgato cap card (I have an HD60 pro) and use an astro mixamp/headset? How do you set it up for game mic and PC audio for OBS streaming on twitch? Thanks
  5. True, yeah I think having a surrender system with a minor hit to rank compared to quitting early would be a good idea.
  6. why should you have to take a loss if you're down 2 teammates?
  7. That's a slippery slope though, matching quitters with other quitters. If I'm in a game and 2 of my teammates quit I should definitely be able to quit with no consequences. Also aiming on insider H3 is twitchy as hell Where do we officially report problems we see on thw insider build?
  8. I got a decent job now so I decided to build a PC and start streaming. I will be playing a decent amount of MCC so feel free to check out my channel. https://www.twitch.tv/Hunter117 I streamed this weekend and it was super fun to interact with people watching. I feel like since I made the switch from the 360 to the Xbone there are a lot less people with mics talking so this is a good outlet.
  9. Back to MCC I guess then. I tried BC H3 but the fps drops are jarring. I just want to play classic Halo man.
  10. Unfortunately not but I was taken aback when I "hit" the shot ingame.
  11. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/II7%20HUNTER%20II7/video/38345979 Why are the hitboxes like this. And yes the spawns on high ground and snowbound in this game are terrible.
  12. Just used the waybackmachine to view old posts on mlgpro.com. I forgot what a genius I was as a teenager.
  13. Snowbound spawns are super bad too. I got killed at one of the back doors of the base by 2 guys inside, then respawned at the sniper spawn inside that base.
  14. What maps would people like to see added to the throwback playlist?
  15. why not use the jump button to fast fall at the apex of your jump rather than crouch as it isn't being used.
  16. Just being able to short hop like in melee (smaller jump for tapping jump button) would be awesome. There's a lot of instances where I don't want to jump super high onto a small ledge when I am running around the map.
  17. The spawns on Boundless seriously need looking into, same with high ground.
  18. so what are the current problems with this game? I have come back after trying halo 5 out.
  19. I didn't realise I would get a 10 minute ban for quitting out of a couple of games where my teammates had quit out. Seems fair.
  20. This is the only way I can seem to explain how I feel about H5
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