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  1. The setup for this using weapons from prior levels and stuff is amazing. Well done guys, good to see people still pushing what can be done in this game in 2019.
  2. Gotta grind S1 - S2 guardian. Gotta learn G1 - G2 so I don't get melted going up the lift every time.
  3. yeah a lot of filler right now and someone game 1 has to be replayed as a player got disconnected lol
  4. Sorry to stop by just to complain but Is 343 just going to leave the hit registration how it is in MCC? It's shockingly bad especially playing from EU to US. Also little things like not being about to mute people before getting into a game is really irritating.
  5. It would be fun to jump into some H3 customs with BR spread removed on launch day.
  6. I think it's nuts anyone in here is considering giving more money to 343 for MCC
  7. I wonder how hard it would be to take the CE sound effects from the original game and add them to the multiplayer in MCC. Would be cool to see
  8. The only time I remember employee interaction with the competitive community was when we were discussing improvements from the h3 beta on the mlg forums and someone came in and said they didn't care about our feedback and what we were typing was "wasted keystrokes"
  9. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ii7-hunter-ii7/video/67542836 Played one game on the modern aiming last night before bed. Felt good man.
  10. Is there any news of when the January update will be out? I wanna try this new aiming
  11. There is a skill gap with the sniper and you can definitely contest the sniper in certain situations. Power weapons aren't unsurmountable people die with them frequently when the other team plays around them well. I have given examples of this which I don't think you acknowledged. I agree the game can be fun with just brs and gamestypes played on maps which focus on them are fun (heretic for example). Power positions cause snowballing with rolling caps and you have the advantage over the spawning player when you don't have to leave these positions and spread resources for power weapons which are placed in disadvantageous areas. I think learning more aspects of the game that have competitive merit a positive experience.
  12. My understanding is that beast and ice feel putting emphasis on shooting skill with the base loadout options to be the only important aspect of the game. Myself and others feel that while this is a very important part of halo, there are other parts of the game that add depth such as strategy and coordination for timed pushes for power weapons. Not only this, but once power weapons are in use they change how interactions take place and add interesting dynamics that wouldn't be seen with base loadouts only. They do take skill to use effectively and are not guaranteed kills however poor decision making and lack of teamwork can allow them to roll over your team regardless of how accurate your shot is with the BR. While I agree this style of gameplay can work for maps such as heritic or onslaught which focus on gunplay and positioning these gamestypes can also suffer from snowballing where there is often no reason to abandon power positions which give players advantages over spawning players in the same way as power weapons. Power weapons force teams to decide how to spread resources and often prevent back to back caps from happening. Beast also said he thinks that respawning at a disadvantage is detrimental to the competitive experience which I think power weapons helps with when considering map geometry which he has also stated is an important aspect of the game. I can understand how they find enjoyment from specific qualities of halo but stating that they are all that halo is about is incorrect from my point of view where playing for and against power ups/weapons/positions has always been important in halo. Always. Hopefully I've atleast put my points across decently as ice has said she is open minded to discussion
  13. This idea is terrible, think about it. Rockets on 90 second timers would mean there were 40 rocket shots in a 15 minute game. That's 40 guaranteed kills per game from winning the first rocket launcher of spawn when considering the snow balling effect they have. After winning the first intereraction of the game you have essentially secured the win because you become an unkillable juggernaught when holding a power weapon.
  14. Elevation on the map provides a significant advantage too. If you lose contention for pink 3 and then respawn basement it must be frustrating to not be back on an even playing field afterwards
  15. I have always said the 9:00 hill on construct is a wild ride. Often a turning point in the game imo
  16. I agree that if you look at engagements 1 dimensionally rockets can guarantee kills. For example I push lobby to closed purple and there is a guy there with rockets I am dead. But you have to think of the decisions and scenarios that led to that situation. Did I lose the push for rockets previously? If so I probably spawned basement. I should be avoiding closed spaces now especially bunching up with teammates. Did anyone call out he was there? I should be throwing grenades from gold or pincering him from both sides with a teammate. Or even better, wait for camo and push using that. Have my teammates distract with grenades from a safe location. There's also the idea that choosing when to use rockets effectively is important. You may need use a rocket on a group or an objective player. Blocking spawns may also be a problem. Obtaining overshield can result in a cap but creates an interesting dynamic where the team will now need to push with a guy coming from say runway instead of the better option of long hall and green. Snipe is different in this respect as I think there is a reasonable skill gap with this weapon however it does put a large emphasis on making sure you use it effectively and not just farm kills from afar baiting teammates. There's plenty of examples of where power ups and weapons add depth to the game and improve the experience but if you blindly run at a guy and die to rockets without thinking of what led to that happening you won't be able to appreciate them. The alternative is to just enjoy the gunplay of brs calling out and team shooting which are fun qualities in their own right in some scenarios. Are you saying power weapons don't offer anything that an objective would? Having multiple objectives to spread resources for and at different times gives a ton of interesting scenarios to juggle and brings new strategies in-game. Coordinating around one objective isn't anywhere near as interesting. Another way objectives would differ is that they generally need whoever is holding them so the team has to account for this. Power weapons do the opposite, they make one player able to cover more options so the opposing team will have to play differently to counter it. Grouping together in pairs is favourable when team shotting with brs but an easy double kill when you know have lost the push for rockets
  17. Having power weapons is about promoting map movement, timing, coordinating pushes and how you and your team chooses to spread your resources. Having them on the map creates interesting engagements and puts emphasis on decision making. Their placement on the map (often in exposed or disadvantageous areas) is incredibly important to how that map flows and adds depth in that way. Earning power weapons puts you at an advantage and can lead to flag caps and ball time. They empower the individual in games that rely on teamshooting. By not getting them you put your team at a massive disadvantage and changes the way you'll have to play and coordinate together to prevent the enemy capitalising. Plus it's not like the BR takes a huge amount of skill to use.
  18. almost 2019 and people still fall for the temptation of grabbing the enemy snipe when they are 4 dead and you are pulling flag on the pit.
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