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  1. 18 hours ago, darkstar said:

    Is anybody else having problems with ranks? EVERY time I get off and get back on, my rank goes down, despite winning the last 3 games I played. This has been consistently happening in Ranked Invasion; I’ll be a 24 when I get off, then a 23 when getting back on the following day. At first I thought it was because I lost the last game I played and there was perhaps a delay in the demotion registering or something along those lines, but it’s doing the same thing even when my last few games are W’s. 

    Yeah that happens. No idea why. 

  2. There is a skill gap with the sniper and you can definitely contest the sniper in certain situations. Power weapons aren't unsurmountable people die with them frequently when the other team plays around them well. I have given examples of this which I don't think you acknowledged. I agree the game can be fun with just brs and gamestypes played on maps which focus on them are fun (heretic for example). Power positions cause snowballing with rolling caps and you have the advantage over the spawning player when you don't have to leave these positions and spread resources for power weapons which are placed in disadvantageous areas. I think learning more aspects of the game that have competitive merit a positive experience. 

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