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  1. Lets go! Will anybody be making new maps for MLG? I dabbled on forge on insider and the new merging tools and coordinate systems + bigger budget looks like it could make some massive improvements to Amplified and Onslaught. MLG vX?
  2. Can anyone tell me how much time you save yying when you nade in H3 before you can shoot again as opposed to just throwing the nade please.
  3. After around 7-8 minutes into a game stuff starts glitching out like shields dropping without any indication you are being shot. Shields on enemies don't show up. Grenade animations stop showing. Things like Oddball and Flag also disappear. Clip
  4. What's the difference between squad and team in the audio setting?
  5. 343i have decided to build the fanbase from the ground up as well as the engine.
  6. Thanks man. Not sure how to repeat the issue but it happens regularly enough I definitely had a couple of full shield body shot snipe deaths last stream
  7. I've noticed a lot of 1 hit kills happening in H3 hardcore. 1 body shot snipe, 1 grenade, 1 beatdown etc. I thought it might be a case of having health damage from a previous encounter causing some issues but paying more attention I have seen it happening directly off spawn. Anyone know what's happening here or what needs to be patched? Here's an example
  8. The setup for this using weapons from prior levels and stuff is amazing. Well done guys, good to see people still pushing what can be done in this game in 2019.
  9. Gotta grind S1 - S2 guardian. Gotta learn G1 - G2 so I don't get melted going up the lift every time.
  10. yeah a lot of filler right now and someone game 1 has to be replayed as a player got disconnected lol
  11. Sorry to stop by just to complain but Is 343 just going to leave the hit registration how it is in MCC? It's shockingly bad especially playing from EU to US. Also little things like not being about to mute people before getting into a game is really irritating.
  12. It would be fun to jump into some H3 customs with BR spread removed on launch day.
  13. I think it's nuts anyone in here is considering giving more money to 343 for MCC
  14. I wonder how hard it would be to take the CE sound effects from the original game and add them to the multiplayer in MCC. Would be cool to see
  15. The only time I remember employee interaction with the competitive community was when we were discussing improvements from the h3 beta on the mlg forums and someone came in and said they didn't care about our feedback and what we were typing was "wasted keystrokes"
  16. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ii7-hunter-ii7/video/67542836 Played one game on the modern aiming last night before bed. Felt good man.
  17. Is there any news of when the January update will be out? I wanna try this new aiming
  18. There is a skill gap with the sniper and you can definitely contest the sniper in certain situations. Power weapons aren't unsurmountable people die with them frequently when the other team plays around them well. I have given examples of this which I don't think you acknowledged. I agree the game can be fun with just brs and gamestypes played on maps which focus on them are fun (heretic for example). Power positions cause snowballing with rolling caps and you have the advantage over the spawning player when you don't have to leave these positions and spread resources for power weapons which are placed in disadvantageous areas. I think learning more aspects of the game that have competitive merit a positive experience.

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