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  1. This is pretty awesome. I'm wondering if they'll include consistent control schemes across the games (I'm not sure how hard it would be for example to add bumper jumper to HCE and H2) switching between them from game to game could get frustrating Edit: last time I was here I had my Christmas hat on my avatar last year it's been a difficult time for halo
  2. "> Jesus Christ Mackeo, put down the fork
  3. You're fine Res unless Jit has anything else counting towards the grade
  4. I just don't understand the reason for the reluctance to tell us even what it's called
  5. Has it been announced what the next halo title will be called? Surely they can't call it halo xbox one, unless they go with H5 I'm thinking they might go for a name like halo combat evolve again Inb4 halo combat devolved Inb4 halo descope involved
  6. 3 plate is impressive especially at 165lb hope everyone's enjoying the holidays, I have started doing BBB and it's killing me, any advice would be helpful from people with experience on the program.
  7. Has anyone seen indie game the movie? So good, follows 3 small game developers making indie games super meat boy, fez and braid. It's really good to see the development process and the emotions these guys go through, the self expression in the games and the attachment they have is something I feel is probably lost on mass produced games churned out year after year these days
  8. My name's laugher and I'm terrible
  9. Make sure you're also gripping the bar correctly. With deads grip from the base of your fingers with bench and squats wrap your hand around from your palms. This stops the bar slipping causing your skin to fold and callus
  10. It seems to me that he's admitting that halo has lost what made it great at its core gameplay
  11. Gloves essentially thicken the bar makin it more difficult to grip
  12. Would it be better to get a GameCube or a wii if I want to start playing ssb with some friends was thinking of buying it and getting people round my house semi regularly to hang out and play Thanks
  13. This is relevant Also had a 24oz steak with ribs and 2 jacket potatoes last night
  14. I think it needs some more planning before people start asking for money
  15. Genuinely tempted to buy a N64 or GameCube after watching the smash doc
  16. This documentary was insane really enjoyed it. A halo doc would have to have words from CT imo Also zyos would have to do his interview from behind a crate

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