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  1. so what are the current problems with this game? I have come back after trying halo 5 out.
  2. I didn't realise I would get a 10 minute ban for quitting out of a couple of games where my teammates had quit out. Seems fair.
  3. This is the only way I can seem to explain how I feel about H5
  4. Is theater supposed to work in H5 or not? I just tried to watch one of my videos and was stuck in a loading screen for 5+ minutes so i signed out and back in again
  5. Jesus christ I was cutting at 2100 :/ I'm going to be bulking around 3000.
  6. I wasn't looking forward to it man but it's worth it. It doesn't take long and I'm going to enjoy a sweet lean bulk afterwards.
  7. It's in the bottom right of the first pic. The following pics were taken like a week after and 1lb less I think I lost like 7lb in the first week and a half due to water weight etc. Then following that it was a steady 1-1/5lb a week.
  8. Solid program man I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
  9. Hope everyone is well, I have been running Madcow 5x5 for a while now and have made some nice progress on it. Recently cut for 12 weeks at a 500 cal deficit 40c/40p/20f and barely lost any strength, so I have decided on my next bulk to add a few exercises that will hit my weakpoints. I'm planning on doing pullups and increasing the weight with my belt, more bicep work, some upper chest exercises and some hamstring work .
  10. This is pretty awesome. I'm wondering if they'll include consistent control schemes across the games (I'm not sure how hard it would be for example to add bumper jumper to HCE and H2) switching between them from game to game could get frustrating Edit: last time I was here I had my Christmas hat on my avatar last year it's been a difficult time for halo
  11. "> Jesus Christ Mackeo, put down the fork
  12. You're fine Res unless Jit has anything else counting towards the grade
  13. I just don't understand the reason for the reluctance to tell us even what it's called
  14. Has it been announced what the next halo title will be called? Surely they can't call it halo xbox one, unless they go with H5 I'm thinking they might go for a name like halo combat evolve again Inb4 halo combat devolved Inb4 halo descope involved

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