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  1. Also from the UK and shot/beatdown registration is significantly worse now than back on OG halo 3. Beatdowns are basically a coin toss.
  2. Yup, double nades and double reload are far more prominent on MCC.
  3. Yeah but watching US streamers having the same issues in MCC and I'm not seeing this happen in other games.
  4. The amount of bloodshots in this game is alarming. And I can't tell anymore if my aim is off or if it is just the game. Have 343 said anywhere they are planning on fixing hit reg anytime soon?
  5. I've always wondered, do you also benefit from more bullet magnetism with hitscan compared to projectile bullets when leading with the reticle ahead of the moving target? I always assumed bullet magnetism was increased when the reticle was red which isn't the case when leading shots at long distance.
  6. It's weird to be playtesting a game from a triple A company 4 years after release.
  7. Played h3 all afternoon. Had a great time, game is feeling decent. Anyone else notice those little micro stutters occasionally? I saw it on someone's stream and then it happened to me today
  8. Yeah I'm in the UK. Still the registration was awful when I was last playing much worse than when I used to play OG against Americans and I have way better internet now.
  9. Same question for h3 players is the game running well yet? I had massive shot registration issues in ce and h3 a while ago and just didn't think it was worth it anymore. Would be nice to hop back on
  10. If a developer were to implement button combos into a halo style arena shooter how would you like them to handle it? Rock paper scissor between different CQC combos? Clash/blocking?
  11. Played some CE the other night and hit detection was so bad every game. I think I'm going to take a break from halo and play something else, it's got to a point where it's not worth investing the time and effort into trying to enjoy this game. 343 cashed in and can't fix the game. Maybe at some point in the future but it's not worth it for me for the time being.
  12. This is happening alot in H3 too it's weird sometimes I hear the melee noise too. Same for players meleeing me
  13. How could you possibly like halo 4 considering how easy to use the power weapons are in that game?
  14. Ogre 2 simultaneously having 3 weapons in CE https://clips.twitch.tv/CorrectChillyWolverineAMPTropPunch
  15. The difference between playing now compared to when it was region locked is night and day. Played the other night and all but one game shots were super inconsistent. Sometimes I was one shot eating and sometimes I put 3 shots into a guy who was absolute and he just sprayed blood everywhere.
  16. Fixed Golf Club reticleCool, we can call this a job well done then
  17. UK here, can't find games in H3 hardcore. Long search times in other playlists too
  18. Cant find any games in H3 hardcore and melees are not registering/registering the hit but making no sound what is even happening.
  19. Just won a derelict game 1v4. The red names threw me off on CE
  20. Yeah I was finding games super fast, I'm not sure if it's because of a population rise due to the patch or just because the playlists have been consolidated together for each game but it was a massive improvement.
  21. I think it's worth it just for fun especially if you have people to play with. There's clearly still issues but they're atleast being acknowledged. If you want here's ~3hrs of H3 gameplay from me where I discuss some of the problems i notice here and there so you can judge for yourself. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/302946126
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