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  1. Does anyone else think more of the H3 sandbox could be useful for MLG settings? I would kind of like to see Plasma rifles or a low clip brute shot on a couple of maps or even on new maps. Brute shot jumping could be super cool and change things up too
  2. If this demo had been shown for any other game, different alien enemies, different supersoldier to play as from some random developer without using the Halo brand nobody would even be talking about it.
  3. apparently dirtying weapons has been patched out of H3 MLG
  4. I don't think that's what he is saying. I think he means that because it is a pickup item it isn't ingrained into the gameplay like sprint. Therefore it can be left out without affecting the game too much. Ever see flares on maps in H3? Pretty sure there was one on the first iteration of guardian.
  5. Yeah you can see codes hidden here but the gif is low quality I can't distinguish them
  6. The fact that 343 gave H3 lots of cool new forge features Higher budget different objects coordinate placement and rotation precision object movement phasing but left the bug (from OG halo 3 on 360) where you save your map and objects randomly rotate creating bumps which mess up the maps geometry just baffles me
  7. Lets go! Will anybody be making new maps for MLG? I dabbled on forge on insider and the new merging tools and coordinate systems + bigger budget looks like it could make some massive improvements to Amplified and Onslaught. MLG vX?
  8. Can anyone tell me how much time you save yying when you nade in H3 before you can shoot again as opposed to just throwing the nade please.
  9. After around 7-8 minutes into a game stuff starts glitching out like shields dropping without any indication you are being shot. Shields on enemies don't show up. Grenade animations stop showing. Things like Oddball and Flag also disappear. Clip
  10. What's the difference between squad and team in the audio setting?
  11. 343i have decided to build the fanbase from the ground up as well as the engine.

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