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  1. I cant message you on twitter for some reason. I get that some people would be down to remove Amp and Onslaught, and for good reason as they were substitutes for Heretic. However, I feel the current settings are pretty established and I didn't want to shake things up too much just improve on what we already have. Just my 2 cents I'm happy with or without them.
  2. There's no need to remove anything. We can just add more gametypes to the mix. Personally I think Guardian is a great map but getting ball back to back on it in MM is a drag. If there were more maps/gametypes to choose from it wouldn't feel so stale.
  3. With the addition of ODST weapons and the forge contest would it be possible to select V9 settings? Who would be the best group of people to decide on the updates? I feel like small changes like lowering the clip on the rockets and adding spare ammo could also promote movement
  4. I made a video investigating some of the major problems in H3 MCC forge
  5. Sorry if this has already been posted but have you guys seen there's a forge competition with prize money? ($1000 1st place prize top 3 payout) https://www.forgehub.com/threads/halo-3-forge-the-fight.159456/ @MultiLockOn You might be interested.
  6. has the forge bug been fixed where you place items and they rotate randomly a couple of degrees after saving and reloading the map?
  7. Does anyone else think more of the H3 sandbox could be useful for MLG settings? I would kind of like to see Plasma rifles or a low clip brute shot on a couple of maps or even on new maps. Brute shot jumping could be super cool and change things up too
  8. If this demo had been shown for any other game, different alien enemies, different supersoldier to play as from some random developer without using the Halo brand nobody would even be talking about it.
  9. apparently dirtying weapons has been patched out of H3 MLG
  10. I don't think that's what he is saying. I think he means that because it is a pickup item it isn't ingrained into the gameplay like sprint. Therefore it can be left out without affecting the game too much. Ever see flares on maps in H3? Pretty sure there was one on the first iteration of guardian.
  11. Yeah you can see codes hidden here but the gif is low quality I can't distinguish them
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