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  1. H5 is infinitely better than H4
  2. Looking for a to4 to scrim tonight on Xbox around 10pm EST. message eS Reid on XBL
  3. SReid


  4. Damn, I want to play these settings so bad. Add my GT and send me a message if anyone is running customs! Gt- eS Reid
  5. I've played every Gears, really only played Gow3 and Gow UE a significant amount and at a competitive level. I really really like Gears 4, it is incredibly fast and responsive. I was playing a lot of UE leading up to GoW4 launch and it just feels so slow and sluggish. GoW4 is so fast, and so responsive, you really feel in control when you're moving and wall bouncing. Also has a ranking system this time around which is really nice.
  6. Need people to play with on X1 add me eS Reid
  7. Will 100% be picking up this game, so much fun. First class based shooter I've really enjoyed since Shadowrun. Roadhog is my favorite character no contest.
  8. Im similar I play 3 sens, 2 accel inner 9 outer 5%. I haven't tried 2 sens, does it not feel to slow?
  9. I think you're a great caster, I believe the complaints are towards Benson. No offense to Benson, but he just doesn't seem to have a very strong grasp of the game. There will be incredible plays that he won't recognize (Frosty got a triple kill on Rig Strongholds and he had no idea what was happening till a bit after the Overkill medal popped up) and sometimes he'll lose his shit over nothing. I just personally think he needs to get a better understanding of the game to be an effective caster caster, especially with Halo 5 considering how fast the gameplay is. But alas this is from a guy who's never casted a major professional event, so yes I know its easier said than done.
  10. The pistol is the most balanced skillful starting weapon. All the rifles are super easy to use, especially at long range. I think the current pistol/AR loadout should stick. I'm not sure how I feel about 4SK Pistol, would be interesting to test out though.
  11. Cheeky and myself are looking for two players who want to compete in the $10,000 EGLX Tournament in Toronto on April 29th (Also wouldn't mind playing in the Last Chance Qualifier) We've been teaming together since 2008 and have tons of LAN and event exp. - Another T02 would be nice, but we're open to F/A's - Must have individual skill to hold your own - Disciplined player who understands when to stay alive, wait for teammates, make a push, etc. - Good attitude is a must, if you have to complain every time you die, or pout when we lose look elsewhere - Flexible practice times, we usually game evenings, but during the day sometimes as well Message myself or Cheeky on XBL if you're interested! GT- cCheeky GT- eS Reid
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