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  1. If any of you guys run lots of HCE MCC 2s, add me on the XBL. Grinding and learning HCE lots lately and don’t have many good kids to play with. GT- eS Reid
  2. I feel a good balance for it would be you can’t use it for weapons of spawn. Only dropped weapons from dead players. But we will have to play and see how it plays out first.
  3. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel sprinting with the flag will only be in big team battle. Probably putting to much faith in 343i tho
  4. Reveal was obviously cut together to be flashy and build hype, will have to see some unedited gameplay. Overall I was okay with what we saw, wasn’t wowed, but was disappointed/offended. The new equipment looks a lot better designed than H3 equipment, and if it’s sucks we can just remove it anyway. Art style is really nice, actually looks like a Halo game, not 343is H4/H5 art style. Really gotta see the player movement of this game. I was hoping that the H5 Mythic settings would be a direction infinite would go, but alas sprint remains and it seems thrust is gone? Kinda seems they are doing a hybrid of classic Halo and Halo 5? Halo 5 I think was actually a pretty good game (aside from the garbage aim) I prefer classic Halo, but I enjoyed H5s movement. My worry is infinite movement will be more like Reach and H4 again, which was utter garbage. Also hoping that aiming in the game takes skill and isn’t stupidly easy like in H2A and H4. Pistol I think is a better competitive utility than the BR. Hopefully tomorrow’s video provides us with more bits of longer gameplay. Also curious to see the customization options. They say this is Halo for the next decade, you gotta hope Infinite will have the most vast customization we’ve seen, and allow us to create the style of Halo we want to play. I will remain cautiously optimistic.
  5. H5 is infinitely better than H4
  6. Looking for a to4 to scrim tonight on Xbox around 10pm EST. message eS Reid on XBL
  7. SReid


  8. Damn, I want to play these settings so bad. Add my GT and send me a message if anyone is running customs! Gt- eS Reid
  9. I've played every Gears, really only played Gow3 and Gow UE a significant amount and at a competitive level. I really really like Gears 4, it is incredibly fast and responsive. I was playing a lot of UE leading up to GoW4 launch and it just feels so slow and sluggish. GoW4 is so fast, and so responsive, you really feel in control when you're moving and wall bouncing. Also has a ranking system this time around which is really nice.
  10. Need people to play with on X1 add me eS Reid
  11. Will 100% be picking up this game, so much fun. First class based shooter I've really enjoyed since Shadowrun. Roadhog is my favorite character no contest.
  12. Im similar I play 3 sens, 2 accel inner 9 outer 5%. I haven't tried 2 sens, does it not feel to slow?
  13. I think you're a great caster, I believe the complaints are towards Benson. No offense to Benson, but he just doesn't seem to have a very strong grasp of the game. There will be incredible plays that he won't recognize (Frosty got a triple kill on Rig Strongholds and he had no idea what was happening till a bit after the Overkill medal popped up) and sometimes he'll lose his shit over nothing. I just personally think he needs to get a better understanding of the game to be an effective caster caster, especially with Halo 5 considering how fast the gameplay is. But alas this is from a guy who's never casted a major professional event, so yes I know its easier said than done.
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