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  1. P.S. Dedicated Servers are only for matchmaking I believe. Customs are still hosted by the host. So in theory, LAN should still work beautifully even without the system link option.
  2. Where all my Atl OGs at? Dying to LAN. Mimos in too Add AndyyPwnz if you love me
  3. I'm getting the same thing. Regular Halo without game shark is smooth. When launching the game shark, I begin a game and it starts out smooth. Then the FPS get progressively worse and worse by the end of a game. Example: One FFA game: Feels like I'm playing on a XB1 (60FPS) at the beginning of the match. Feels like I'm playing on a shitty xbox (10 FPS) by the end of that one FFA game. People think it's my laptop but everything was perfect with regular H2 without shark. I have a good laptop. The 2014 Razer Blade. Just bringing up this issue to see if it can be solved before that FFA tournament this Friday :/ Thanks! -APZ
  4. I believe there are no button combos on MCC
  5. AndyyPwnz MiMo F Baby we is a duo from GA. north of atlanta 20mins
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