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  1. 2nd post on these forums and I'm a bit drunk, but what about having only one ordinance a game. Everyone at the beginning of the game has the ability to use one ordinance during the course of the game, whether it be at the beginning or end of the game. This puts an even playing field in the game and means that it causes players to use them most effectively throughout the game (like using hard light shield if the opposing team grabbed the rockets). Idk, maybe I'm thinking too hard ATM but it could potentially work.
  2. What's up everyone this is my first post because I swear this happens every time and I felt I had to post to this. I swear every time I match up w pros in H4 it 1) is my first game of the day, 2) I'm only with one other of my friends and get teamed with two dumb***es, and last but not least 3) it is the worst map choice possible (ex: abandon 2 plot extraction). The very few times I've matched w a team they were great games but 95% of the time I'm matched with the 3 examples from above. Fun times
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