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  1. I don't come around much these days, but I had to say something about this. I just don't get the reasoning behind this. Why spend so much time/effort revamping forge, yet leave out the unique weapon/vehicle sets? It's not like it would be too memory-intensive. There are supposedly 1600 objects in forge, what's another ~50? I mean, this is just my opinion, but this was the one aspect of forge that could have truly defined it as a unique experience, and could've singlehandedly prolonged the lifespan/replayability of Halo 5 for years. The options for forgers/customs could've essentially been endless. Again, this is just me, but the only reason I actually play Halo is because I enjoy competitive map design and therefore only really forge/play customs, so learning about these weapons/vehicles not being in forge just ruined my excitement for the game. I just don't get their decision. @@Sal1ent what's the possibility of this changing? Edit: how the fuck do you tag someone? Edit: Nevermind, I'm stupid
  2. Two things I haven't really seen brought up much: Does no one else find the lighting/visuals on Truth to be entirely too much? I can't put my finger on it, but overall there's just way too much visual noise, and at times it gets so distracting to the point where it interferes with gameplay. At least to me it does. And picking up the Bane - I can't even focus on half of my screen. I suppose that extra "glow" is their way of attempting to balance the bane, but I just find it downright aggravating. Which leads me to my next point.. The Bane on Truth has got to go, it's an absolute mess. I honestly think this is the worst possible choice of a power weapon for Truth. Back in Halo 2, the sword worked on Midship because 1) there was no sprint/thruster, and 2) the sword didn't have a fucking speed boost attached with it. But now, the super pro mlg kiddies can just sprint and thrust around the map at warp speed, popping out of corners and racking up a ludicrous amount of kills.
  3. Also while I'm here, I may as well bring something up that I haven't seen anyone else mention. I've noticed all too frequently. Tbh I'm not actually 100% sure what its purpose is, but I do know it would annoy the hell out of me with how frequently I've seen it just pop up mid-combat. Otherwise, I'm really digging what I'm seeing. Anything on this? @@Deez
  4. Not sure why, out of all the posts in this thread, it was this one that forced me to sign in after all these months.
  5. Yet there is still no solid reasoning behind these statements. I would like to see some intelligent discussion from the other side of the spectrum as to how Station 9 actually does involve teamwork. There have been numerous, clearly-stated arguments that explain in detail why Station 9 takes less teamwork than other maps, but I've yet to see a single decent counterexample proving otherwise.
  6. Playing a game on Station 9 isn't required to recognize the map's poor design. A simple understanding of basic map flow and connectivity should be more than enough. -Dax
  7. For anyone interested in the trying out the 1v1 settings, we'll be debuting them in the tournament Doju mentioned above. Sign ups are still going on at HaloCustoms.com. I've talked/played with a few guys that are big in the PGL scene and they said these maps and settings were definitely a refreshing change of pace.
  8. Carbonite Designed by Lights, forged by Dax Download Supported Gametype: 1v1 Unity Slayer [Download] Items on Map: Sniper - 90s - 0 spare clip Rail - 120s - 1 spare clip Speedboost - 120s Plasma Pistol - 60s Frag Grenade x1 - 60s Download
  9. So ghost hasn't had any 1v1 settings/maps thrown his way? Let's see here- how about 1v1 Unity settings? Best of 3, first to 15, no AA, no radar, no ordnance. 90s snipe 120 sd/rail. Extremely fast paced and the most competitive 1s gametype out there. Tourney using these settings with sign ups going on over at HaloCustoms.com, some really great 1s maps being used. Ghost, here are some settings/maps for you. Check it out- http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1520-halocustomscom-1-v-1-tourney/
  10. Excuse the dullness, it was after midnight when I got around to recording this.
  11. Great of you to post this Doju. Also- I'll be uploading a more informative video some time tomorrow where I'll explain the details, how the tourney will be run, etc. This was more of a promo video. So stay tuned! The plan is actually to have full youtube coverage of the tourney to hopefully spur more interest in the 1v1 scene (which at this point is basically nonexistent). As for prizes, I'm trying to work on getting a few more. Suggestions?
  12. Finally decided to come see what all the fuss was about over here. Looks like I know a good bit of you guys around here, or at least know of you. Good stuff. For those that don't know me, I'm Dax; I mainly got involved with Halo because of forge. While I'm certainly not the most competitively skilled player, I like to think with competitive play in mind when forging. I'm also staff at HaloCustoms and an administrator over on ForgeHub, so greetings from both of those communities! But yea, I hope to get to know those of you that I don't already and to spread some community lovins.
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