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  1. lol mannnnnnnn lets talk homie hit me up
  2. im looking for a team that wants to grind to get better and go over film after scrims to point out what we need to work on to get better. i been playing since halo 2 and played in a few local tourneys. im currently a 1900 in ffa, and waiting till i have a team of 4 to play arena with. im a pretty chill person that just enjoy playing halo. my gt- mbones50
  3. bump it up..... still a free agent looking for a team for online qualifiers and maybe ugc st louis gt-mbones50
  4. looking to join or start a team for the upcoming online qualifiers, im a solid player thats been playing since halo 2, and would like to play with guys that is willing to practice and put in alot of work to get better as a team.gt-mbones50
  5. been playing since h3 can play every night and play in every open tournament, a very solid player add my gt-mbones50
  6. dedicated player have 25 pro points from the ladder can play everynight was an oynx in team arena before stats reset. gt-mbones50
  7. im down to run games i can play every night- gt-mbones50
  8. if its not to late im down to run gt mbones50
  9. add me mbones50 we can run some games tonight
  10. add me to run games-mbones50 only people that is 100% serious about teaming.
  11. im a free agent also add me mbones50
  12. add me mbones50 to run some games
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