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  1. Im inexperienced, but want A organization badly. I want to form an AM team.. you can hmu up on twitter thanks. @Synyster0616
  2. i am 23 and work in business. and really want to get into Esports. HypeEsports sounds great
  3. You already got a great base. A GREAT brand name and designs..
  4. Your website is fukkin nice man. We should put together a Hype Organization. Pro halo team. Im down for that, i got a couple players
  5. ahh i read wrong i thought it said 8 est. my bad. you can add anyway
  6. i am on exactly the same times. after work at 5 pt. add me synyster0616
  7. Feel free to add me on xbox. and twitter @synyster0616 I am 23 with a full time job. Get off at 5pm Pt. then play all night. I know that Time is a huge issue so looking for players with the same time set as me. want to take on tourneys and everything that comes along with it. im looking for a couple of nice dudes. I do not want complete assholes. Just some people we can get along with and have fun. Thank you
  8. add me Synyster0616. I am 23. With a full time job get off at 5pm PT. Im Support with Long rande weapons. Im play reserved and cautious. Im interested. but i know time is a huge issue. So if it happens then it does if not good luck to you sir
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