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  1. Check the ultimate building guide in the technology subforum here. It's slightly outdated in regards to builds and components but everything still holds true.
  2. I was selected for the beta on Wednesday but never checked my email. I just found out and now I'm scrambling to get a few games in before it ends tonight FML it ends 4 pm est so by the time i download it i'll be lucky to get one game in.
  3. I would highly recommend Nier automata. It's going to be one of the sleeper games of this year but im having a blast with it so far. Also the booty>>
  4. So I quit Halo 2 back in 2007 because of the time commitment I needed for high school basketball. I ended up missing the entire Halo 3 era and didn't buy an Xbox 360 until 2011 and if I could go back in time I wish i could have been a part of that somehow along with balancing sports. I feel like I missed out on what I would consider the last real era of online gaming and Halo. Now I just pop in here every few months and feel bad about how everything went down.
  5. I wish the instant replay feature with nvidia cards would work in this game
  6. My gripes with the game are: 1.Worthless ranking system...yet again we have a half assed ranking system that doesn't do much for competitive players. 2. Terrible customization system. They helped by increasing credit payouts but right now all new content usually releases with an unfair amount of credits needed to purchase or for real money. Also we keep getting skins for JD and Kait and these horrible color blast skins but where are the additional characters? 3. Season pass absolutely useless. If they were more transparent about the season pass dlc and maps becoming free for everyone in matchmaking...i may not have purchased it. 4. No permanent crossplay yet. I really think TC is going to make the decision to permanently enable it but right now PC players can't stand being left out. I refuse to play on xbox when I have a 1070 that blows this game out of the water. The improved graphics and frame rates along with a gsync monitor are just not comparable and playing on xbox feel like this cheap port. With all that though I feel this game was a success. It feels like a true sequel to gears 3 as far as gameplay goes and for that I'm happy. They just need to make these adjustments soon because its 3 months in and we have no idea when any of this is coming. I can't stand the "stay tuned" line anymore.
  7. Seeing half of my friends who lift hop on gear and shit on my progress i worked a year on in about 6 months makes me want to jump on it
  8. Still play but absolutely refuse to play this on Xbox unless crossplay becomes permanent. Its trash compared to PC.
  9. So I decided to upgrade to 16gb ddr3 ram. I have a gigabyte z97x gaming 3 mobo. The ram I bought is: Patriot PV316G160C0K 16GB(2x8GB) Viper III DDR3 Now once a day I get a random BSOD and it says something about memory management. Looking at the supported list of memory on mobo its not on there but something close to this is. They have: Patriot PGD316G1600ELKI supported. I guess what i'm asking is do i need to return and get something supported or should this ram be working? I didn't think itd be an issue. There is also a beta bios update that fixes memory compatibility but i've never done a bios update before and the internet seems to be against it. What should i do? I know im not crazy and installed it correctly and i've tried multiple ram slots like 2/4, 1/3 etc but it doesn't help. I also ran windows memory diagnostic and had no problems either.
  10. Is there a reason to select certain ram sticks over others? I'm looking to upgrade to 16gb ddr4 from 8gb ddr3 however there are so many options to pick from and I'm not sure if that matters much.
  11. Roti

    NBA Thread

    Small world but J Simms grew up in the neighborhood my dad's store is at. I was good friends with someone there and he used to bring him to hoop all the time at the park nearby. I was in 8th grade at the time he was a junior in HS but he was always destroying us lol. Never thought he had NBA potential but I guess hard work really does pay off. He went to one of the shittiest highschools in Texas and it's actually closed now. Dude really did come from the hood and made it pretty awesome to see.
  12. I know this is a small sample size but 3 of my friends along with myself have not played a single game of halo 5 and I've played maybe a weeks worth of MCC when the ranks launched but that's it. 343 killed all of my passion for Halo and I don't even associate with it outside of these forums. Can't remember the last time I've tuned into a stream or kept up with pro league because I think the gameplay is just terrible. I've said this before but the one good thing 343 did was during the beta for halo 5 they openly stated if you didn't like the gameplay or direction don't expect the classic style from before and to move on and that's exactly what I've done. No point of having false hope when they have already decided on the direction to take the game. lol at playing halo in 2016 this shit sucks. Outside of lans I will never touch it again.
  13. That sucks man. Almost every positive review is from a user with a few weeks on it but the common trend seems to be it breaks down after months. Idk if I regret the purchase yet but I guess time will tell.
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