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  1. Step 1: Team Arena to conclude only official game type and map combinations . Step 2: Remove storm rifle and SMG from this playlist. Step 3: Re-balance the pistol vs. rifles. Either buff the pistol or make the rifles harder to shoot with advantages only in long range combat. Remove the assault rifle headshot bonus. Step 4: Improve the hitboxes while thrusting and remove or reduce significantly the melee magnetism and spartan charge magnetism. Step 5: Consider adding 1-2 forge maps to the rotation and adjust the current maps in forge. Example: Block the maze-area entirely on Coliseum to make sniper side less cluttered and more predictable.
  2. Feedback: They should've played both the semifinals and the final on Sunday. This way the hype would have been built even more and viewers accumulated. IMO Saturday was way more hype. And now the wait for Stormrifle nerf begins. Hopefully it shall be a short wait.
  3. It's nice that 343i wants to expand the Halo scene to Europe but how about you activate the dedicated servers here also? European players shouldn't have to play an FPS with 200ms ping, especially when there is money on the line for the pros. It's unacceptable. The servers are physically here so what's the problem?
  4. So why don't these breakout maps need "extensive testing" and why does breakout get its own test playlist for a week. Every single Halo 2 and probably CE, 3 and Reach map has been remade and also a bunch of new maps. So how about we stop living in this paintball fantasy world provided to you by Kevin Franklin and Pals and actually play friggin' Halo? So I'm talking about a CTE playlist for community maps. Like now? For us to test? To enjoy this game? Thanks.
  5. Watching the games was such a roller coaster. First you see someone win a filthy 1v1 pistol duel with reversal and perfect medals and after that someone crouchcamps with an AR followed by numerous melee/AR trades. And some of the maps like Empire make it even worse. So much potential is lost because of radar and strong automatics. It would nice to experiment with no radar and see how does that change the amount of automatic weapon kills, so we would see if that's enough.
  6. Doesn't seem too noob "friendly": http://i.imgur.com/1mSwSCj.gifv
  7. Static spawns on Antifreeze the real MVP. It's actually amazing how simple of a creature a human being is (at least most of us): You have died 10 times in a row by using the man cannon at your own base but you STILL insist using it over and over again. My god when the Christmas noobs arrive...it will be glorious. Just like on Valhalla :')
  8. Not that you should consider Dice as a superb developer but they have added a snowball fight game mode to the CTE servers of BF4 with players wearing santa and reindeer masks. In the December update 343i could add a community playlist similar to this, grenades as snowballs or something? Just for laughs you know? Or maybe a Indiana Jones inspired capture the gifts - game mode where you have to steal a gift and run with it to mommy. Like anything innovative and fun stuff for the holidays? *Insert the imagination song from South Park here*
  9. Hopefully there is a giant platform in the forge pallet that can block the sun, just like in Halo Reach. I don't like to play forge maps with my Ray-Bans on.
  10. From the latest Sprint episode: "Be able to get that in THE FIVE."
  11. This. Even with the abilities the maps could be much better designed. For example Coliseum has a good layout but the sniper side is a maze full of clamber spots and places to vanish if in trouble. There are so many variables in the the relation of maps and game play to keep you in "control" which lead to too many situations you can't predict (there should be some of course). In Halo if you are good you have always had a certain clue what the enemy near by can do and what they will most likely do. Now the variables get out of hand, in my opinion. If the maps in general were more simplified with reduced routes to maneuver the game play would improve significantly. This is because currently the radar is supposed to help you keep track of thrusting, sprinting and clambering fellas, but with a simplified map design the radar could be completely removed while keeping a moderate skill gap to escape. I don't think they will remove radar now (unfortunately), though they should reduce the range to a few meters so it would only help for tracking escaping people. There shouldn't be time to react if someone is coming behind you for an assassination. If there is, the game play is what we see now: crouching, a lot of it.
  12. Played some FFA for the first time in this game and I think it's safe to say it was the worse experience I have ever had in Halo.
  13. Definitely a situational weapon: xboxdvr.com/Rippendeil/4264e3eb-8346-450b-a02f-ea23ab81ef4b God damn that spot is annoying but with the caster no problerino.
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