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  1. this shit is getting ridiculous. so you want to thrust right when you hit the ramp, or just before? cant wait to see the forge maps that utilize these mobility aspects edit: i play on 10sens, its all just preference
  2. yeah the tv in the living room is more of a community tv. the tv in my room is what I use when I want to play halo, but others want to use the tv to watch netflix lol too confusing I take it you have no solution to extend the range of the controller?
  3. oh shit no way! yeah ggs. gotcha gotcha. Do you know if that starts the cooldown period, or is that set when you first thrust?
  4. catch me up to speed: thrust cancelling? also, what's your gt?
  5. lol not that big, but my xbox is in the living room thirty feet away
  6. Does anyone have a way to extend the range on the Xbox one controller? Would something like a USB repeater connected to my console work? Trying to play in my bedroom like 30 ft way from my box
  7. so is p side the side to hold on truth? and does anyone have strats for regret?
  8. How is the game? what should i be cautious of going into it? ive been absent for the past couple months
  9. looking for teammates/ partner to play CE GT: Falkononskiis
  10. I plan on picking up another box this weekend. hopefully I'll be able to get some more people from this school interested in the community
  11. Definitely want to get in on some of this. The skill ceiling for this game makes every match that much more hype
  12. Has anybody tried getting a refund recently?
  13. @@Proto Missingno makes pretty awesome breakdowns of his gameplay. I find them to be entertaining in the sense that he goes in depth on his thoughts for his actions. Need more people doing these. I think I saw T2 doing some CE tips on his stream the other day
  14. Don't let this game, or rather 343, ruin your happiness. It's a shame that this title is such a burden to the community, but we can still come together under CE
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