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  1. AMP Storm. Rank diamond in virtually every playlist for multipule seasons now. Im a friendly team player with a positive attatude that calls out.
  2. Friendly Manitoban here. Just made a new "Manitoban players" topic post. Join "Greater Winnipeg Halo" of facebook to get connected. Are LAN "scene" is in need of some fresh faces.
  3. Post your gamertags and halo 5 team arena rank if you want local players to add you. If your looking to join a team to compete with and want to know when the next halo LANs are than send a request to join "Greater Winnipeg Halo" on Facebook. Dont be shy. Also the Xbox live account "We Are Halo 204" is a account strictly dedacated for the same purpose of finding local talant. I dont use these forums often so you can message me on xbox @ [AMP Storm].
  4. Hey guys im your friendly neibour to the north. Im part of a group of halo 5 players from Manitoba Canada. We just has 2 teams of 4 drive out to compete in EGLx in toronto.if you guys are ever looking for an extra player to complete at a LAN message [AMP Storm] on xbox. I can ask anyone in the group if they wanna fill an open spot. We have multipule players that have ranked in champion is various playlists.
  5. I would keep it how it is currently. I dont get why everyone wants the pistol 4sk and the AR nerfed. Am I the only one finding it easy to outgun the AR everytime with the pistol? And people wanting BR starts in my opinion are strictly thinking with there emotions. What I would change is to make it so that whichever starting weapon you happend to hold last before you died would be the one you spawned holding on your next life with the other AR/pistol as backup. I would 100% change the pistol audio though. It sounds like a weak laser gun. Not intimidating or satisfying at all.
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