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  1. Does anyone have a 2v2 flag warmup map by any chance?
  2. Pretty much my reaction. Haven't been here in a while so surprising to check this thread and see this. If any of you think vanilla reach was good/competitive/better than tu you have nostalgia goggles on.
  3. Hoping when PC hits it brings a huge wave of EU players.
  4. Just played a 30 ping server and I'm in awe how good it feels...why can't it be like this all the time
  5. Exactly this. Why has halo never had this option when even games like rocket league and fortnite do?
  6. Lanned it on october and feels very similar to a good server online which was a bit disappointing, expected it to feel way better. Didn't get many double nades but definitely got more bloodshots on lan than 360. Still nothing compared to 360 version on lan which, after playing 100 ping hosts on mcc 24/7, feels like heaven.
  7. 1pm gmt, seven games played, eu host one single game out the seven
  8. Depends where you're from. Can only find american servers playing hardcore anything no matter what time of day I try. The reg is better than it used to be but still nothing compared to og h3.
  9. obviously not otherwise you wouldn't want every non american player to be forced to play on foreign servers
  10. so because the game has more players in a region the other players should suffer even though there is an equal amount of the players in the game? makes sense you can tell you never have to play above 30 ping lol
  11. no it isn't, 90 ping is playable, 150 is not also why must the server always be american when there are the same amount of europeans in the game?
  12. well the region lock lift has killed 2v2 ce playlist for me, american server every single game =/ would be nice to have a max ping setting such as cs has.
  13. some us servers are decent but to say you cannot feel the difference and it feels the same? no chance c'mon you can do better than this
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