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  1. We're back. After playing until 5:00 am, we're back 7 hours later. Join us - http://www.twitch.tv/nationalgamingleague
  2. Incase anyone missed it. We're streaming the Atlanta LAN Friday and Saturday. We've got 2 capture cards and 2 webcams. Join us from some sick H1 games and some laughs. Here is the link: Nationalgamingleague Here is the current list of attendees: Hoodz Trojanz Alexander KnightyKnight Mafioso Your Dog c2 xVirgin Norm toolate Mr. Gobbles SoLo ohfor Kush Goose BtrylHuman Cardo
  3. Your welcome to come. But we're already up to 15-17 attendees. So let me know for sure if you plan on coming. Post in the Halo1forum site and pm me your #.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm also looking for anyone interested in editing the games we capture. I'm sure we'll have hours of footage. I would do it but I don't know how long it will take me to get it all edited and online. So if anyone wants to come and bring a external HDD or big flash dr. I'll transfer all the games to you. We have 2 webcams and 2 capture cards so we should have plenty of footage.
  5. Yeah but only because I've seen other players talking about it. I don't really know any details. Isn't it in Tampa?
  6. The first post has been updated with confirmed attendees. Right now were at 14. Still have 8 who are unconfirmed. http://www.halo1forum.com/lans/112-atlanta-area-lan.html
  7. Hey Guys, Were putting together a H1 LAN in Atlanta, GA. It's going to be streamed, webcam & commentary. We have room for 16-20 players. Right now we have 12 confirmed. Some really good players are attending. Just wanted to let everyone know. If you want to watch the live stream it will be up: August 2-3 http://www.twitch.tv/nationalgamingleague We have 4 stations of OG xboxes and CRT tvs set up. We have room for 2-4 more if you want to come play. (But you need to be very good, lots of good players will be here.) Also if anyone wants to help with commentary/live stream feel free to pm me. (I'm looking for someone with lots of H1 knowledge and possibly commentary experience.) - This is a volunteer position, but I'll make sure you eat free while you're here. Here is the original post: http://www.halo1forum.com/lans/112-atlanta-area-lan.html
  8. Teapot - email me what you have in mind for H1. [email protected] We're talking about running h4 event soon in Atlanta. I'm up for adding a throw-back game. (I'm a huge H1 fan) I've got 4 wega's myself.
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