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  1. I was looking for this last night. Here is the bracket from the tournament: http://challonge.com/IGH1 Lots of good players in this one. I'll have to watch more of the next one.
  2. Agreed camo is good now. Anti aim is still suuuuck. Online now with 3. Need 1 good player for 2v2. GT I Alexander I (I = i)
  3. You sir, deserve my up vote. Enjoy fake internet points from me, you earned it.
  4. Need H1 player for customs Have 5 now. Need 1 for 3v3 GT - I Alexander I ( I = i ) GT - LUKEALX
  5. Playing H1 Customs Have 5 need 1 more for 3v3 GT - I Alexander I ( I = i ) Gt - LukeAlx
  6. I heard H1 hit registration is better. Can anyone confirm if shields pop accurately now? Also I'd like to know the answer to Vode's question.
  7. Lag/Lead problems should be fixed or improved in the patch today. I was probably host on these games, since the ded servers were offline.
  8. Add - LukeAlx (My brother's tag, was playing on his box.) Add - StrayKeyboard55 (my auto tag from M$) We love to run H1 - 2v2s 3s and 4s.
  9. D I R T Y Try dis: Derelict punishment Dammy control
  10. GT: LukeAlx Halo 1 - 2v2 Georgia Looking for some good H1 players
  11. Post your LukeAlx: H1 Customs. Have a 2 box. Ready now! Region: Georgia
  12. http://www.twitch.tv/d2anna They are about to stream a 2v2 customs match.
  13. Thanks, No they don't. I would have to get the app approved through xbox developer network.
  14. HTML 5 and the phonegap.com compiler. The great part is Xbox One apps are built in HTML 5. So I can make this timer interact with all Xbox One features once I port it over. For example, you could run this timer in "Snap" while you play MCC and use Kinect & a voice command to start/stop/delay the timer all while mid-game. Here is a rough mock-up of what I'm thinking the app should look like on Xbox One. Let me know what you think, any better ideas/suggestions? I think this would really help new players get better quick in H1.
  15. Shooting for Nov 11th. Its ready for beta release now. I'll post a video later today. Thanks! : /
  16. That's a very interesting idea, I'm pretty sure I could make that happen.
  17. Hadn't given much thought to multiple announcer voices. I'll see what I can do about this one. You don't happen to know of a site that generates words in the sound of the q3 announcer?
  18. It's not published yet. Will be soon.
  19. I started work on a Halo Timer Mobile App after MCC was announced. Initially I was just making it for my personal use. But I noticed there is demand for good Halo CE timers. So I decided to release this for free. chumpp and Jeff's timers are great, I'm not suggesting you use my app over the theirs. I'm still working on extra features and options, so I have not published it yet. I'm also waiting to see if MCC will use Xbox timings or PC timings. Let me know if you are interested in the app, and I'll post a video showing more details & how it works. App Features: FREE. Yep the app will be free. Supported Markets: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Amazon Fire OS. Graphics options: show or hide background images. Adjustable audio options. (Select the sounds you want to hear - Camo, OS, Rockets, Time Warnings.) Landscape mode Visual progress bars +2 second bump button Future Updates: Possibly add touch timers for Halo 2 & 3. More options and functionality. Port app to a Xbox One snap app. (I've already tested this using internet explorer, it works pretty well but needs compatibility changes.) Possibly release web-app and windows 8 app. I want to help! Thanks for the interest! Here are some things you can do: Suggest features. Post in this thread, I'll be monitoring it. Pay it forward, get the word out about the app, post anywhere you think people want a halo timer app. Once you download it, rate and review the app. Help me find bugs. If you notice any, post here and give me some specifics. I'm not charging for the app, but it will cost me about $150-$200 to publish the app to all the app markets. If you want to donate to this expense, let me know. (send me a private msg.)
  20. I'll be playing as a 2 box typically. LukeAlx
  21. It works, just gotta have someone there managing it.
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