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  1. Great stuff. Downloaded, ready for next lan. Thank for all your hardwork guys! Is there any gameplay online of the new maps?
  2. Can't wait to watch fellas. Thanks for hosting the event! Devilman/McDick - will beach lan be running no spread version of NHE? Oh4 was telling us about it at the last Atlanta Lan. How does it play?
  3. We're doing a h1 Lan 15 min away. We have 6 players here and 3 stations. Pm me if you wanna play.
  4. We needa make this happen @ & @@Riddler. Should host at Hoodz, he's like 15-20 min ride from dream hack. I'll bring streaming stuff and a set up.
  5. I logged into my account just to lul at this.
  6. Streaming now https://www.twitch.tv/h1_atlanta
  7. What are the changes in v7? Is there a change log online?
  8. We LANd this update on Sunday, it was good stuff. Thanks for all the hard work.
  9. Hey Fellas, Looking for more locals to LAN H1 in Metro Atlanta. Trying to lan couple times/month. Have equipment and places to host. Also have stuff for stream the Lans on twitch. Let me know. I'll add you to our FB chat. Current players: Alexander Hoodz G-Unit Knighty o4 Nick McQ Walker Cardo Mafioso It's Halo time. Fuk Yes!
  10. Yes, we tried playing on 360s years ago when H1 was re-released. The emulator lags a lot. Probably not much for the casual player but it's pretty bad.
  11. @Mintograde Yes that is a good one too. They link to each other a lot. Pretty sure almost all CRT tvs that support 480p or higher also do image post-processing to make the image cleaner, sharper, more vibrant etc. But this causes extra input lag, as much as 30ms. I believe Dman can confirm this. The only way to get a great image that is not processed/lagged is with a VGA CRT PC monitor. The guys at blurbusters.com are convinced that the newer 3d monitors can be hacked to play like like a CRT. They have created software that tells the monitor to strobe the backlight on and off between each frame. This makes it behave more like a CRT similar to how they "flicker" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD5gjAs1A2s When the flicker technology is turned off you can see the numbers ghosting even though this is a super fast monitor. When the flicker tech is activated almost all the motion blur is gone. I think this is what causes us to think that LCD are super laggy even when their input lag has been proven to be 1-2ms. The normal input lag test only considers a single frame-frame change, no fast/fluid movements. This tech is best for fast moving games...like Halo or other FPSs. I updated original post with details on this.
  12. Found an site that talks about CRT vs LCD. It seems like the 1ms frame delay is not the problem. It has more to do with motion blur or "display persistence" http://www.blurbusters.com/faq/60vs120vsLB/ This website is totally devoted to making LCD screens play like CRT screens. They said that motion blur (display persistence) adds 16ms or 2 frames of delay even if your screen has super fast refresh and low lag. So the advent of 3d gaming has come to the rescue, apparently it was nearly solved almost 2 years ago. Read the article and decide for yourself. It's a bit complicated to explain. There is a ton of other good stuff on that site. These guys are saying that the results of this tech makes LCDs nearly like CRT. It seems the only way this helps our cause is if we get BenQ Z series monitors that support blur reduction. You can set the setting on your pc then connect og box with VGA and it will make the LCD screen refresh like a CRT. (If i'm understanding this correctly.)
  13. You interested in coming down? Lan on Friday nights usually. Are you on the Atlanta FB chat?
  14. I agree. Right now it appears that we can connect to the BenQ monitor with $5 adapter and a free VGA boot disc. This looks like the cheapest and simplest solution to play in 480p. Just need to test the lag.
  15. That is an interesting idea. But I also wonder if the frame lag isn't the real or only issue. A couple ideas are: 480i vs 480p. Since 480i is interlaced, technically the image draws the lines from top to bottom quickly then fills in the other lines after that, so it would appear that the image is ready slightly before it's actually finished drawing. Where a progressive image would be laggy for the bottom screen player because the image is drawn line-by-line from top to bottom. Or does it have anything to do with refresh rate. Technically the CRT and LCD refresh at 60hz. But I wonder if the speed at which the LCD does that function causes a mental delay, even though technically it is not behind on the frames.
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