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  1. Royal2 got on the top ledge of lobby. On a separate note, I didn't realize we were in a Bo7 now, fuck yeah.
  2. Hell yeah REC, LET'S FUCKING GO!!!! EDIT: Clutch throwing some throwback shade lol
  3. just got home from work, what did I miss? EDIT: lol Lethul running around like a ninja with no ammo.
  4. Yeah, having a concert next to the tournament sucks gigantic balls. I don't remember the last dreamhack we had many moons ago, being so fucked.
  5. Nfinite v Falling is intense. game 5 let's go. EDIT: gg's good games, Falling pull it out. Would love to see Falling play against Tox if Ryanoob and crew down clutch up. Also, all you have to do is ask.
  6. Dammit Bobby A little sloppy from REC. Feel like we could've won that one, but gg's TOX. They clutched up.
  7. LMAO I got your back @Wonderboy T2 fresh from jail about to drop his debut solo album soon.
  8. We're going to have to get you a mic and a camera. "Reporting live from the scene, Commander Eagle with a Team Beyond exclusive..." REC vs Tox is going to be nuts.
  9. Yeah saw that. :'( Wishful thinking or maybe it's time for another cup of coffee.
  10. Percentage wise REC = 7-5 = 71.4 GMS = 6-4 = 66.7 So....... Rec advances??? EDIT: am I doing the math right? Are we dividing total games by number of wins? REC = 12 games by 7 wins = 58% GMS = 10 games by 6 wins = 60%
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